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We have Russia’s largest tax consulting practice, comprising more than 500 Russian and foreign tax professionals. Our team offers practical tax solutions based on the in-depth knowledge and expertise of our consultants as well as our proprietary methodologies. The structure of our tax practice encompasses a wide range of critical issues in taxation and law, thus allowing us to develop specific areas of expertise. For each client project, we quickly assemble a team of consultants with the necessary tax and legal skills as well as relevant industry expertise. This helps us to clearly understand our clients’ needs and makes us well-positioned to assist them in resolving specific challenges while providing comprehensive recommendations, rooted in our high-level view of the situation.


  • Svetlana Stroykova, Partner PwC, transfer-pricing group, Natalia Divichenko, director PwC, tax services, automotive, and Irirna Tsygankova, senior tax manager PwC, VAT & Customs, shared their experience and offered recommendations on important tax matters during the AEB Taxation Committee: "Development of the Russian Tax System: results of the first half of 2016 and perspectives”.
  • Mikhail Filinov, PwC Partner, about the crackdown on offshores, for RBC-TV


David John
Partner, CEE Tax and Legal Leader
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Ekaterina Lazorina
Partner, CIS Tax and Legal Leader
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