International tax structuring

The international dimension of taxation is becoming increasingly important to global multinationals and leading Russian companies as they seek to expand into new jurisdictions.

We assist companies in optimising their global tax structures, managing global tax risks and capitalising on tax planning opportunities. Our services span a broad range of issues, including tax-efficient ownership, competitive cross-border financing and treasury solutions, profit repatriation and loss utilisation, in-bound and out-bound structuring, and developing efficient management structures, to name but a few.

We would welcome any questions you might have on how we can help your company to bring its tax functions and structures into line with the global opportunities that you foresee for your business.

How PwC can help you

  • Choose a tax-efficient ownership, management and operations structure
  • Structure profit repatriation and loss utilization
  • Structure inbound and outbound investments
  • Foster a tax-efficient supply chain and shared services