Technology industry at the cross-roads: Transforming quote-to-cash operations white paper

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The consumerisation of IT, the growth of mobile applications, and the expanding role of social media in driving commerce are all impacting the very nature of how companies interact with their customers and how their customers view them. To support their growth and profitability goals, 90% of the technology CEOs that responded to the 2013 Global CEO Survey said they are focused on strengthening relationships with their customers by increasing engagement and delivering a premium customer experience. The challenge is that few of today's technology companies can deliver an Amazon or eBay or Apple-like buying experience for their B2B customers. They are hampered by disconnected processes and systems that have developed over time from fast growth, M&A activity and global expansion.

Optimising the process from customer order to delivery and payment known as 'quote-to-cash' (Q2C) is a high-impact way technology companies can respond to these challenges and enhance customer satisfaction while optimising their operating costs.

In this white paper, PwC outlines the benefits of Q2C transformation, its impact on sales and revenue and provides an overview of the Q2C performance spectrum. It outlines a strategic process for undergoing transformation that is based on a framework that includes benchmarking and a reference architecture.