Banking & Capital Markets

Turning challenges into opportunities

PwC professionals in Russian Banking and Capital Markets practice has a global network of specialists who can help turn challenges into opportunities in key areas of your business including governance, risk and compliance, process improvement, financial reporting and business development strategies.

What we see

Recent market events have raised questions about the approach to governance, risk management and disclosure within many banking and capital markets organisations.

Many regulators insist that banks hold larger capital buffers over the cycle, which will affect the make-up and strategic direction of many institutions. Banks being saved by government funds are likely to concentrate on their core competencies and existing customer relationships. Those that are not bound by large state shareholdings and substantial write-downs will have significantly more flexibility to strengthen their competitive position through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

A key determinant for success will be the quality and insight of risk analysis and how well risk awareness is built into governance, decision-making and incentive policies. Reducing needless complexity and simplifying of structures will be crucial in both controlling costs and strengthening management oversight.

Ready to help

We know that many challenges remain, yet we are sure that there are opportunities for those able to execute strategies based on realistic views of the future. Share your issues and challenges you are facing and we will bring our best global expertise to address them. We welcome the chance to discuss how our capabilities can meet those challenges and help you to achieve your business objectives.