The new digital reality. Using blockchain and IoT technologies in Russia

A joint business breakfast with PwC, VEB and Confindustria Russia

20 March 2018, 09:30 – 13:30
VEB’s Centre of Blockchain Excellence
(Blockchain Commune)

Second Donskoy proezd 9 
Building 3, Moscow


We live in an amazing world and in an era when new technologies are no longer a dream of the future but are actively being used in daily life, one such example being Elon Musk's plan to colonise Mars. The growth of any business depends directly on the ability to timely implement digital solutions. The modern world requires new knowledge and new competencies every day. PwC, VEB's Centre of Blockchain Excellence and Confindustria Russia are pleased to invite you to a business breakfast to be held on 20 March to discuss the most promising disruptive technologies and their implementation in Russia.


The programme will include three presentations by leading PwC analysts, who will emphasise the most disruptive technologies used in Industry 4.0 (IoT and blockchain), followed by four presentations (InterRAO, VEB, LocoTech, Ariston)during the second half of the event by business representatives, who will review cases in which such technologies were implemented and solutions that have worked in Russia. At the end of the business breakfast, the guests will participate in a round table discussion during which everybody will be free to share their opinions on the topics covered, talk about the challenges and obstacles their companies have encountered during their digital transformation and ask the speakers questions. 

The business breakfast will feature representatives from various sectors, including telecommunications, IT, financial services, oil and gas, etc. 

The expected audience will consist of directors and line managers in charge of:

  • strategy and growth
  • transformation and innovation in processes and products
  • client experience, service and support management
  • digital
  • IT and cybersecurity
  • internal communications and personnel development. 

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