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Jun 19, 2015

PwC has gained significant worldwide experience in developing and optimizing pension programs for employees of large multinationals, smaller size companies and state organizations. PwC in Russia is the leading consultant in the area of non-state pension plans.

Among our clients are Russian and international companies considering pension plans for local employees, and insurance companies and pension funds offering design and administration of pension plans. PwC has advised over 20 international companies in Russia regarding setting up a corporate pension plan and choosing a provider.

The issue:

  • A company pension plan adds to an employer's competitiveness on the labour market.
  • A pension plan is one of the most effective uses of compensation and provides an excellent retention tool.
  • Given unfavourable demographic forecasts, retirement planning and post-retirement financial security add value to people currently working.
  • Pension legislation is frequently reviewed that leads to lack of trusts to state pensions from individuals' perspective.
  • A reliable investment vehicle for administering pension savings is important, both for the company and the employees.
  • The type and structure of the pension plan should match the company's needs as regards compensating and rewarding employees, the financing mechanism and the administration and taxation costs.

PwC consultants offer:

  • analysis of the need to design a pension plan and the available options
  • detailed development of a pension plan and analysis of its various aspects
  • actuarial calculations of the future pension payouts and company costs
  • analysis and optimization of pension-related tax payment both for the company and employees
  • development of documentation for the pension plan and advice on employee communication
  • assistance in selecting a reliable provider.

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