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In addition to providing audit, tax and legal services, we assist entertainment and media companies in developing strategies to effectively leverage digital technology, as well as marketplace positioning based on consolidation and convergence, identifying new financing sources and many other issues.

Our vision

The choice of channels for communicating with consumers is growing increasingly wider.

This is being driven not only by the proliferation of new communications gadgets in the market, but also because the ways in which consumers transmit and consume content within each form of media are becoming more and more diverse.

Processing photos and video on multimedia mobile handsets has become practically routine; the Internet boasts a wide array of diverse communications tools, including social networks and online games.

We’re now seeing a transition from physical media to digital content transmission in nearly every segment of the entertainment and media industry. We think this trend offers multiple opportunities for entertainment and media companies.

For all companies in the sector, a critical driver of future success and competitiveness is their readiness and ability already today to meet the new challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

How we can help

PwC professionals help companies across the industry to open up and successfully use new business opportunities. We are always ready to share with you their in-depth industry knowledge and the wide-ranging experience of the international PwC network. Our offices across the globe are home to around 3,500 professionals specialising in entertainment and media.

Our annual international survey, Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, covers almost all industry segments and regions of the world. It provides sector development forecasts over a five-year period and can help market participants draw up strategies and plans to grow their businesses in specific industry segments.


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