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PwC specialists help clients with a wide range of issues faced by forest, paper and packaging companies. We are ready to advise on a wide range of aspects, including performance improvement and cost management, enhancement of internal controls, outsourcing forest sector development programmes involving the public sector, and many others.

Our vision

Various trends are emerging in the Russian market today, such as renewed growth in demand and increasing forest product prices. Companies that focused on China as a potential market for their business development were the first to recover after the crisis.

The global industry is also expecting significant changes, such as a technology boom and changes in the industry’s structure, including the emergence of cross-industry partnerships and new regulation tools. All these trends can lead to new business models and the development of supply chain structures.

Success in the forest and paper industry depends on how effectively companies control their costs, satisfy customer demand and respond to a constantly changing business environment and regulators’ requirements. To maintain their competitive advantages, companies should constantly control a number of other business aspects, including informational and technological security, mergers and acquisitions and global market competition.

How can we help?

Our professionals specialising in the forest, paper and packaging industry apply their knowledge of the specifics of the Russian forest sector and the experience of the global PwC network, which includes 1,400 industry consultants from around the world. Our team is ready to develop optimal solutions for your company, help improve its operational performance and implement an innovative approach in this rapidly changing business environment.

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