Metals and Mining

In light of volatility of commodity prices mining and metals companies need effective strategies to ensure both high productivity and low costs in their extraction and production operations.

Drawing on our many years of work with mining and metals companies, PwC experts are ready to assist in various operational, financial, tax, legal, personnel and environmental matters, helping our clients to achieve their goals. We analyse fundamental trends and best practices in this sector to further our understanding of the problems facing our clients and find the best ways of addressing them.

PwC assists mining and metals companies in:

  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency;
  • Strategic planning and seeking out new markets;
  • Managing investment projects;
  • Tax planning;
  • Developing and motivating skilled personnel;
  • Optimising asset portfolios.

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Mikhail Buchnev
Partner, Assurance Services, Mining & Metals
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Partner, Tax Services, Metals & Mining
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Vsevolod Himmelreich
Partner, Advisory Services, Metals & Mining and Industrial Products
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Partner, Advisory Services, Metals & Mining
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Partner, Assurance Services, Metals & Mining
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