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Pharmaceuticals & Life sciences

Demand for quality medicines, health-related products and medical treatment has increased significantly in Russia in the past few years. Moreover, it is predicted to grow in the near future despite the current decline in disposable income. With the global pharmaceutical market forecast to double by 2020 to USD 1.8 trillion, there is a lot at stake for all players in this critical sector. Whether you are an international or Russian pharmaceutical company, you face many challenges that can affect your business’ growth strategy, both in the short and long term. Such challenges may include:

  • developing strategic goals and implementing proactive solutions to achieve and maintain profitable, sustainable growth;
  • adhering to the Russian Government’s Pharma 2020 programme;
  • managing change, identifying trends and seizing opportunities in an increasingly uncertain and challenging environment;
  • enhancing financial performance and raising additional funding for strategic business development;
  • dealing with compliance challenges and close regulatory scrutiny;
  • achieving commercial objectives with the optimal tax treatment;
  • transferring and protecting rights to intellectual property;
  • recruiting and retaining talent to accelerate performance and maximise opportunities;
  • achieving operational excellence through improving the efficiency and enhancing the effectiveness of key business processes throughout the value chain;
  • optimising the sales function, including boosting sales force efficiency;
  • pinpointing where breakdowns in company operations might occur, and correctly assessing and mitigating these and other risks;
  • implementing structured innovation processes to stay one step ahead of the competition.

PwC has a dedicated team of pharma industry experts who can advise you on all of these issues. What’s more, they can provide practical assistance in such areas as developing a business strategy, resolving tax issues, raising finance, managing innovation, boosting operational efficiency, setting up risk management systems, and providing human resources solutions.

We are deeply committed to understanding the forces shaping our clients’ businesses so as to develop industry-tailored solutions and generate insights that provide a competitive advantage.



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