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We help retail & consumer companies to accurately assess their business potential, overcome barriers to success and find new opportunities.

The retail & consumer industry in Russia is facing the time of challenges and opportunities. The rise of e-commerce, changing tastes and recent decline of economic growth followed by declining disposable income and demand have already influenced and changed the market and more is yet to come. 
We are eager to share with you our knowledge of the Russian market and the specifics of each stage in the value chain - from goods production to end sales.

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Key solutions

Pricing & Promo Excellence in Retail & Consumer

In the current low growth environment, margins are under pressure and promos have gained in importance. Most promos are loss making and do not create value for companies. Improving the way pricing and promotions are conducted can generate significant value.

• Pricing programmes typically result in a 1 pp EBIT increase.

• Optimising promotions can save up to 15% of a company’s trade budget.

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Data Analytics in Retail & Consumer

One of the most common challenges our clients face is the desire to increase portfolio revenues through proper customer value management and margin control. 

We provide our clients with customer analytics solutions that are focused on optimising the benefits from customer interactions, in both online and offline settings across all communication channels. Our solutions combine advanced mathematical models that support real-time decision-making.

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Fit for Growth

Companies can achieve significant savings through a combination of improving real processes and reassessing the activities that are required for the business. Achieving this goes hand in hand with such enablers as introducing new trainings, redesigning the organisation, revising KPIs and incentives, and changing the company culture. All of this takes time, and these programmes can only succeed if they are aligned with the strategy of the company and have the full support of the management team, including, above all, the CEO.

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Thought leadership

Non-commodity purchasing in the retail sector: How do we become more efficient?

Non-commodity purchasing in the retail sector: How do we become more efficient?

How can we streamline our non-commodity purchasing and what is the best way to centralise the procurement process? Vera Abaturova, PwC Russia Director, Procurement Optimisation, and Dmitry Lyakhovets, PwC Russia Director, Retail Management Consulting, discuss these issues (available in Russian).

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