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Responding to the business impacts of COVID-19

How can you prepare your organisation to respond?

Over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to evolve rapidly in Russia. This requires us to take additional measures to prevent the virus from spreading, as we strictly adhere to the recommendations issued by public health authorities. Our people’s health and well-being are the highest priority.


Everyday Flexibility

Everyday Flexibility (E-Flex) has been introduced to help our employees and teams to provide high quality services to our clients while paying sufficient attention to those aspects of their lives that are most important to them.

E-Flex approach is:

  • not about working less, but about working effectively and focusing on results, rather than on how much time we spend or where we do the work;
  • not a “one option fits all” or a restrictive list of instructions and options of flexible work. It means something different for each employee and there is a great variety of ways that employees can adopt flexible approaches;
  • deeply connected with communication. Practice shows that work flexibility options are best realised when they are agreed upon and are backed by other team members;
  • uncompromising on quality. A flexible working environment should increase productivity, quality, customer service and team spirit.

Digital Upskilling

Digitalisation and future skills development At PwC Russia, we have launched the Digital Upskilling initiative to guide the digitalisation of the firm and help employees develop new skills.

Why do we need Digital Upskilling?

Technology is changing how we do our jobs. That’s why we have invested significant resources to prepare our employees to understand and apply the skills of the future.

What is Digital Upskilling?

The programme includes three levels of knowledge and skills development in the area of digitalisation. Each employee can select the optimal development plan for them.

We have developed a number of key products to support the firm’s strategic development in this area, including:  

  • Digital Fitness mobile app;  
  • Data Analytics Online Academy and Data Foundation classroom training;
  • Vantage Playlists: a collection of online courses, etc.

The PwC Library includes:

  • free access to business literature from 27 Russian publishing houses;
  • more than 2,000 books;
  • additional services (search, reviews, assessments and recommendations);
  • user friendly app for mobile devices;
  • special selection of books for PwC employees;
  • personal statistics and shelves for your favourite books;
  • offline functionality for reading books saved in the app.

Be Well, Work Well

Be Well, Work Well is our employee well-being programme.

A growing number of companies have recognised that employee health and well-being are critical for their success.

The programme is based on taking personal responsibility for yourself and for your team. Without incorporating personal responsibility, no programme will ever reach a satisfactory result.

Programme goals:

  • create an environment supporting healthy lifestyles and well-balanced development;
  • help employees to acquire knowledge and skills to support their health and well-being.

Currently, we are continuing to operate and fulfil our obligations to our clients, while taking all necessary measures to minimise risks for both parties. The quality of our services remains critical for us in doing business.

We have organised remote working, performed regular disinfections of our office premises and repeatedly reminded our employees about the importance of good hygiene practices, social distancing and other precautions. We have cancelled international business trips and minimised trips across Russia. We have also restricted attendance at external events and limited the number of internal events. In accordance with directives issued by Rospotrebnadzor, we have introduced 14-day self-quarantine rules for employees who have travelled abroad or were in contact with people who have travelled abroad.

We are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared for any developments.

Taking care of our employees

Remote working

As an international network, we have been monitoring the situation globally since February 2020. From 16 March, all PwC Russia employees have transitioned to working remotely. To this end, the firm has provided a number of technological solutions:

  • The firm implemented in advance and tested the Everyday Flexibility programme to enable all employees to work remotely;
  • The scope of work performed by employees is fixed in timesheets every day;
  • Guidance prepared in advance on the operation of all key corporate systems and applications helps employees to work remotely effectively;
  • The flexibility of IT resources has helped to ensure efficiency as we switched to working remotely;
  • Remote management of IT resources (servers, IT help desk, copy services) is provided;
  • A corporate VPN is installed on all corporate laptops and cell phones, which guarantees secure connections to the firm’s systems and data;
  • Corporate mobile Internet with unlimited traffic provides high quality Internet connection outside the office premises;
  • Google and Skype resources help us to stay connected and work in teams remotely;
  • The operation of functions inseparable from the office (e.g. printing of documents) can be organised with the minimum involvement of employees;
  • Training courses on working in remote teams are available for the firm’s employees. A Remote Course video was prepared by employees who were among the first to test remote working in order to share useful recommendations with their colleagues.

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Employee digital skills development programmes

We are providing our employees with the opportunity to develop their technological skills through such corporate initiatives as Digital Upskilling.

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Employee health and well-being initiatives

  • All resources of the new Be Well, Work Well initiative supporting healthy lifestyles and balanced developments for our employees are available online. We have also launched a psychological support hotline for the firm's employees. Moreover, virtual yoga classes are arranged twice a week.

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Internal communications

  • The firm’s management regularly holds video calls across the global network of firms to develop a clear understanding of the current situation, share experience and promptly solve any issues that arise.
  • Internal communications are regularly sent out with updated recommendations on responding to the situation.
  • Employees may provide feedback through a special channel for collecting feedback and suggestions.

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Compliance with general recommendations on preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • The firm has adopted rules of employee conduct issued by Rospotrebnadzor to control the spread of the virus.
  • The firm has cancelled all international trips, while trips across Russia have been reduced to a minimum. Employees who return from abroad are subject to a 14-day self-quarantine.
  • The firm has purchased medical face masks, thermometers, antiseptic gels and other necessary items.
  • The body temperature of all visitors to the office is measures at the entrance.
  • Cleaning services regularly disinfect all surfaces in the office.

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Helping our clients

In these new circumstances, we continue to share our professional expertise with our clients and stakeholders using online tools.

Online events

Our experts are more than happy to share their experience and knowledge using online tools in place of holding traditional face-to-face meetings.

Online events

PwC’s Academy Podcasts

PwC Academy launches "Expert Advice!", a series of free podcasts. We offer highly relevant and useful information about the opportunities during the crisis, tips on how to organize your work day and free time, as well as some hints on where to find strength and motivation. We invite professionals from a wide variety of fields to deal with most pressing issues.

PwC’s Academy Podcasts

Recorded webinars on legislative amendments

PwC’s tax and legal experts have opened up access to a series of webinars on legislative amendments.

Webinars on Legislative Amendments
PwC Russia internal operational team
  • The firm has established an operational team consisting of the firm’s core internal services. The operational team continues to monitor the situation and works out emergency response measures.
  • Management meetings are held on a daily basis. 
  • A corporate business continuity plan has been prepared and is regularly updated.

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