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In the modern world, the ability to use and protect your intellectual property (IP) is often just as important as the ability to create it. Disregarding this fundamental truth may cost the rights holder dearly. It is enough to remember Laszlo Biro, who invented a ball-point pen and lost millions of dollars in 1945 because he failed to obtain an American patent in time.

It is also impossible to do business without an ongoing search for answers to various IP&IT questions. Is it possible to import products under someone else's trademark without signing a licensing agreement? Do the good's technical specifications constitute know-how? Is is permitted to extend the licensing agreement to the relations between the parties which arose before the agreement was signed? How can you take back a domain seized by a cyber squatter? We are ready to give the answers to these and other questions that are important to your business.

Our IP&IT team includes experienced lawyers who can successfully address complex and extraordinary issues in this area of professional advice.

What makes us different from others

  • We implement over 40 comprehensive IP/IT projects annually.
  • PwC Legal has 130 lawyers who specialise in intellectual property and information technology issues in 46 countries around the world.
  • We offer products and solutions which cover not only legal, but also tax, financial and customs aspects - with 200 tax specialists and 300 investment and corporate finance experts and business advisers from PwC Russia to assist in this.
  • Cooperation with 2,500 specialists from PwC Russia and joint work on advisory, audit, tax and other projects provides us with the broadest IP&IT expertise.

Our services

  • Advising on all issues related to trademarks, patents, trade secrets, copyrights and neighboring rights, franchising, software, databases , domain names, Internet and e-commerce
  • Developing all types of contracts, policies, procedures and other documents in the field of intellectual property and information technology
  • Preparing and supporting transactions to acquire or dispose of intellectual property and grant or obtain rights (licences) thereto
  • Legal due diligence of IP rights
  • Setting up efficient structures to manage and use intellectual property
  • IP&IT health checks and recommendations on how to mitigate identified risks
  • Securing and protecting employer's rights to the results of employees' intellectual activity (so-called "work for hire")
  • Implementing commercial secret regulations and ensuring its confidentiality
  • Implementing policies and procedures for compliance with personal data protection law
  • Representation of the client’s interests before organisations managing rights on a collective basis
  • Assisting with registration and formalisation of IP rights
  • Protecting IP rights in government agencies and courts

Our experience

  • developed a legal and tax model for a shared service centre for the largest Russian utilities holding company, including structuring of relationships related to licensing telecom services, providing PC software, communication channels and equipment;
  • advised the Russian subsidiary of an international brewery group on the legal aspects of Russia's ascension to the WTO and the effects this might have on Russian IP laws;
  • provided legal support for many years to the Russian distributor of Japanese cars in addressing various IP and IT issues;
  • advised the Russian branch of an international cinema consortium on issues of motion picture distribution and protection of related rights in Russia and on granting rights to use motion picture characters, images and other copyrighted subject matter in advertising campaigns;
  • drafted licence agreements for the Russian subsidiary of an international manufacturer and distributor of household goods and chemicals and helped with registration thereof;
  • assisted an international manufacturing company in drafting and negotiating a sponsorship agreement with a well-known Russian football club and preparing and registering a licence agreement for use of trademarks owned by the club;
  • advised the Russian subsidiary of a Korean manufacturer of electronics and household appliances on the legal aspects of their relationship with Russian content providers;
  • assisted the group of companies of a well-known Russian premium vodka distiller and distributor in using and promoting trademarks in Russia and foreign jurisdictions;
  • assisted an international fast-food chain in drafting a franchising agreement with a Russian contractor;
  • assisted a leading Nordic digital music distributor in launching its Internet project in Russia;
  • advised an international pharmaceutical company on issues of trademark protection and licensing in Russia and drafted a licensing agreement for use of expertise.

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