PwC processes primary documents with ABBYY software solutions


PwC processes primary documents with ABBYY software solutions

Moscow, 26 January 2017 — PwC, a global network of auditing and consulting firms has completed  ABBYY FlexiCapture implementation to simplify processing primary financial documentation. This solution will enable auditors to manage their time even more efficiently when tackling high-priority, important tasks and significantly simplify data entry from the clients’ primary documents into the register. 

PwC clients in Russia represent over 2,000 companies, 202 of which are in the Expert 400 rating. Audit requires processing large volumes of supporting documents and reconciliating the data therein contained with the information in the accounting system. Previously the primary documents’ data had to be uploaded into the system manually. Moreover, our employees had to analyse each document, find necessary information and type it into the register. 

In order to boost primary financial documents’ processing efficiency and to automate data transfer into the working document, PwC leadership decided to implement ABBYY FlexiCapture.

During the first stage of the programme implementation over 1,000 various documents were processed successfully for auditing purposes. In addition, templates to recognise and extract data from invoices and payment orders were designed and tested. 

“Amidst the continuously growing data flow, it is important for PwC to always keep its finger on the pulse and process available information in a most efficient way. During an audit every detail matters, every document, and every number therein contained. This opportunity to automate and enhance the accuracy of primary documents handling through ABBYY technologies enabled our team to complete routine tasks much easier and quicker, and, what is most important, to focus on more top-priority and complex business processes and client communication”, Sergey Shaleniy, PwC Regional Printing and Digitalisation Service Leader, commented.


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