Food supply and integrity services

A recipe for food trust

Building trust

Enhancing trust in food is among the most complex problems that business and society must solve, but it is also one of the greatest opportunities for food companies that get it right.

Globalisation, regulatory change, sanctions, import substitution, resource scarcity, and food fraud are just a few of the issues for which governments and food and agribusiness companies, in Russia and other countries, are currently seeking solutions.

With our fully integrated suite of consulting and assurance services in food supply and integrity, we’ll build the resilience, agility and reputation of your organisation. We’ll make your business more successful.

Our food trust framework

With our service solutions we’ll help you not only understand what’s required, but develop business strategies, and importantly a culture and operating model, to address what’s possible.

PwC’s Food Supply and Integrity Services bring together a range of capabilities to help clients build and expand their business in response to a changing environment, reduce supply chain risk in response to growing supply complexity and improve the processes and systems that protect brands, build trust and add business value.

The end goal is food trust and business performance being one and the same – inextricably linked by a strategy, culture and an operating model that drives brand performance by putting safety, quality and customers first.

Our services

Strategy, culture and governance

  • Food supply chain resilience
  • Food security review
  • Operational due diligence
  • Improving quality culture review
  • Food trust culture assessment

Operational processes, systems and controls

  • Review and international comparison of food safety models
  • Food chain transparency review
  • Food fraud assessment and mitigation review
  • Food crisis management

Performance and process optimization

  • Performance improvement
  • Supply chain optimization and transformation
  • Supply chain quality review
  • Standards for certification (including halal)
  • Traceability maturity assessment
  • ERP traceability framework design and implementation

“Due to a range of external pressures and trends, the Russian food industry has undergone significant change in the past few years. With the goal of supporting the further growth of this strategically important sector, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Food Supply and Integrity Services practice in Russia. Our aim is to assist Russia’s food growers and producers so as to enhance their competitiveness in global markets, improve the quality and security of food produced in Russia, and introduce the most relevant global practices to the Russian food sector. We are confident that this new practice will help Russia’s food companies to deliver against the expectations of their many stakeholders, including consumers, regulators, government agencies, investors and business partners.”

Igor Lotakov, Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia

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