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Guide to Investment

Doing business and investing in the Russian Federation

"Russia’s strength lies in its regions, where you will find a rich diversity of natural resources, well-developed infrastructure and human capital. Each region has its own distinct flavour and provides enormous opportunities for new business projects. Indeed, in each region you will find a robust business community with a great appetite for innovation and equal partnerships. We have seen how Russia’s regions have successfully implemented large-scale projects, developed their markets, and adopted new technologies—and we have seen how new business leaders have emerged. We hope you will find your own region for doing business and write your success story into the region’s history."

Maxim Matsiborko, Managing Partner of Ekaterinburg office, Regional Development Leader in PwC Russia

PwC is continuing its cooperation with Russia’s regions. We are still at work on the investment guide series. These guides give background on the region and describe its labour market and main industries.

We are pleased to present the latest volumes of Guide to Investment:

We are pleased to present the Guide to Industry in the Leningrad Region.

This detailed guide, which we have prepared jointly with the Leningrad Region Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity, is intended to be a reference point for navigating the region's diverse industrial sector. It is aimed at helping potential investors to accurately assess the most promising industries for starting and growing a business.

The Leningrad Region today presents a vivid example of a dynamic, rapidly growing economy. The availability of a rich natural resources base and highly qualified labour pool, easy access to both Russian and European markets, and robust production and technological potential are some of the key factors promoting the Leningrad Region's development as a highly industrialised region that is home to all types of manufacturing.

The leadership of the Leningrad Region has taken a proactive stance in introducing various mechanisms to facilitate and ease the work of investors, in particular by setting up a “one-stop-shop” system for supporting investment projects, which in turn has helped foster a very convenient environment for doing business.

We are confident that this publication will prove useful for investors and instrumental in helping them achieve success in their new ventures.


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PwC Russia is pleased to present Guide to Investment. The Novosibirsk Region. This guide gives general information about the Novosibirsk Region, its economic potential, transport infrastructure and investment projects.

The Novosibirsk Region is one of Russia's largest scientific and educational centres and among the most important transport junctions in the eastern part of the country.

Stable growth among economic indicators combined with the region's effective investment policies are attracting Russian and foreign investors alike. The most important part of the region's investment policy is the development of industrial and technological park zones. In this guide, you can read about the Novosibirsk Region's largest investment projects: Industrial and Logistics Park, the Novosibirsk Science Campus Technopark and Biotechnopark in the Koltsovo science city, which will contribute to the development of the region's potential in the areas of biotechnology and bioindustry.

This guide also covers the region's investment potential and projects supported by the Novosibirsk Region Administration.


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PwC Russia is glad to present you Investment Guide. Chelyabinsk Region, which is prepared by PwC together with Chelyabinsk Region's Ministry of Economic Development on July 2014.

This overview is intended for potential investors to reasonably assess investment opportunities and the competitive advantages of the Chelyabinsk Region, as well as identify local opportunities for business development.

This publication contains a broad overview of the Chelyabinsk Region, its economic potential and investment climate. Here you will find information about natural and human resources, manufacturing of the Chelyabinsk region, its transport, and energy and business infrastructure. You will also find information about the investment climate and governmental support for investment.

We believe that this publication will be an invaluable asset to potential investors in their projects.


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This Guide to Investment is designed to help potential investors assess the most promising sectors in Ekaterinburg’s economy.

This publication gives a general overview of Ekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals region, including its economic potential, transport infrastructure, population, social projects and main investment opportunities. The Guide also outlines the Ekaterinburg City Government’s efforts, to create a favourable environment for both city residents and potential investors.


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This guide is intended for potential investors to assess investment opportunities and competitive advantages of the Sverdlovsk Region, as well as identify local prospects for business development. The guide was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of International and External Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk Region. It is based on the materials provided by the Ministry.

The Urals is one of Russia’s most favourable regions for investment. It has a large industrial base,  located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The Sverdlovsk Region is rich in natural resources and has strong, diversified manufacturing and industrial sectors, great intellectual potential and a skilled labour force.

The region’s stable economic growth is making it increasingly attractive for many Russian and foreign investors, allowing them to operate successfully in such industries as metallurgy and heavy manufacturing.


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We are happy to present the Investor’s Guide for the Krasnodar Region, prepared by the Administration of the Krasnodar Region with support from PwC.

Our key objective is to help potential investors properly assess the most promising financial investment targets and provide a detailed picture of the Krasnodar Region’s investment potential.

Krasnodar Region boasts a unique geographical location, climate and natural resources base. The region’s economic stability and infrastructure provide a favourable environment for supporting your business.

The region’s improved economic indicators and effective investment policies have attracted a significant number of Russian and international investors. In addition, the Krasnodar Region Administration has introduced valuable tools to make it easier to invest and to create an optimal climate for doing business. For several years running, Russian and foreign rating agencies have highlighted the region’s investment appeal and acknowledged the region’s comparative advantages over other regions.


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Welcome to the Guide to Investment. The Republic of North Ossetia―Alania.

This Guide to Investment is designed to help potential investors assess the most promising sectors in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania’s economy.

This publication gives a general overview of North Ossetia-Alania, including its economic potential, transport infrastructure, population, social projects and main investment opportunities. One of the top priorities of North Ossetia-Alania’s Government is to create attractive conditions for cooperation between Russian and foreign businesses, and promote new investment projects.

The Guide also outlines the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania’s Government’s efforts, to create a favourable environment for residents.


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Welcome to the Guide to Investment. The Republic of Karelia.

This Guide will help potential investors to accurately assess the economic opportunities that Karelia has to offer, so as to select the most promising investment projects that can contribute to the region’s successful further development on beneficial terms.

The Republic of Karelia offers the remarkable combination of a pristine landscape, rural communities that retain the flavour of a traditional Karelian village, and cities and towns with a highly developed urban infrastructure. The region’s favourable geographical location, abundant forest and water resources, and, importantly, government support for investment activities open up a wide array of opportunities for investing.

Hundreds of kilometres of motor, rail and water routes traverse Karelia, connecting Russia’s regions with neighbouring countries and maintaining the republic’s status as a key link not only in the domestic Russian transport grid but also in the global transportation system.

The Government of the Republic of Karelia continues to make a concerted effort to foster a favourable investment climate. This includes improving local legislation and introducing more and more advanced mechanisms for streamlining the investment process, making it as straightforward and easy as possible for Russian and international investors alike.

In addition to their ongoing programmes, the region’s executive and legislative authorities are now intensively engaged in carrying out the landmark Karelia-100 Project, a large-scale initiative devoted to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Karelia in 2020. The Karelia-100 Project is intended to fundamentally change the image of the republic by 2020 through modernising its economy and social sphere, thus giving a fresh impetus for developing its investment capacity.


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Let introduce the Investor's Guide for the Perm Territory, which was developed in association with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Perm Territory.

The Perm Territory is a large industrial area and one of Russia's largest manufacturing industry centres. The region is rich in natural resources and has a powerful and diversified industrial complex (oil, chemicals and petrochemicals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heavy engineering, timber industry, etc), a well-developed transportation infrastructure, a substantial surplus of generating capacity, and high scientific and human capital potential. Furthermore, the Perm Territory is currently one of Russia's largest cultural centres.

This Guide is intended for potential investors to assess the investment opportunities and competitive advantages of the Perm Territory, as well as identify local prospects for business development.

We are sure that this publication will be of invaluable assistance to potential investors in their projects.


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This publication contains an overview of the most promising areas for investment. We are confident that it will prove useful for investors wishing to contribute to Yakutia's development.

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest region in Russia with vast reserves of natural resources, as well as a centre of the Russian mining industry. Its unique geographical location and enormous territory (around 20% of Russia's territory) coupled with a high density of natural resources make the region attractive in terms of its potential for development.

The leading areas of the resource industry in Yakutia are the diamond mining and oil producing sectors. The reserves of these resources in the region are truly astounding and only a fraction of them has been proved so far. The major accomplishments of the region’s agricultural sector in the harsh conditions of the Russian Far North should not go unmentioned. Nonetheless, further progress is critical for successful development of the region.

Another strong area for the region is the infrastructure developed for small and medium businesses (SMEs), as well as a well-defined regional development strategy prepared by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The Government's efforts in this area have already yielded some results.  The region puts a lot of focus on the development of business infrastructure. To this end, a whole set of measures have been undertaken, including efforts to build excellent, state-of-the-art exhibition facilities.


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Welcome to the Investor's Guide to the Republic of Bashkortostan, a region with a significant economic and investment potential.

Bashkortostan has a favourable geographical location and well-developed air, rail and road infrastructure. The republic is rich in natural and mineral resources. It also has significant scientific potential and an economically active population.

The Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan promotes the region's investment profile by fostering a comfortable business environment and supporting priority projects. In particular investors can access the republic's Pledge Fund and enjoy various tax benefits. The number of industrial parks, technology parks, and their resident companies is growing year to year.

This Guide has been prepared jointly by PwC and the Corporation of Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The latter operates as a one-stop shop for potential investors and provides support to investment projects.

We hope that our joint publication will be a useful resource for potential investors, helping them to assess their prospects for doing business in Bashkortostan, as well as select the best investments and projects, thus contributing to mutually beneficially success stories.


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For the past several years, PwC Kazan have joined with the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency to publish our Investor’s Guide to the Republic of Tatarstan. 

We are releasing the Guide annually to coincide with the KazanSummit, which we have supported as a partner for a number of years. In April 2019 are very pleased to present the ninth version of the Investor’s Guide to the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan today is a vivid example of how to build a dynamic and rapidly growing economy. The republic is continuously improving its investment infrastructure. Tatarstan is home to the Alabuga industrial manufacturing zone and the Innopolis technology and innovation zone. Also 5 territories for advanced socio-economic development are operating in the republic. All of these sites offer federal benefits and privileges to their residents.

We have no doubt you will discover opportunities to develop your business here with success and hope that the Guide will equip you with useful information on economic and investment climate of the republic and will help investors fulfil their ideas and plans.

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