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Results of Russian Boards Survey 2018

Russian Boards Survey image 2018

About the Survey 

Obviously, digital technologies now affect all areas of life. For our seventh survey of the members of boards of directors (BoD) of Russian companies, we have therefore decided to focus on eight key technologies.

We asked board members to list the technologies that they consider strategically important for their companies (including those they have already launched) and about the benefits that they expect to receive. The survey also provides insights on several options that boards can take to tackle one of the main challenges that has accompanied digitalisation, namely, the shortage of talent. The report also includes a list of steps that board members can take to accelerate the adoption of key technologies and enhance the competitiveness of their companies.

The Russian Boards Survey was carried out in the beginning of 2018. We surveyed companies across 14 industries including banking, automotive, agriculture, construction, food, information technologies, etc.

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