Internal Audit Training

There is a large demand today for internal audit related training as the profession is undergoing significant change in Russia.

Traditional skills of reviewing historical documentation, checking compliance and looking for evidence of fraud are present in the “Revisia” function of many Russian companies.

To these are being added further skills:

  • developing a risk based internal audit plan, including assessing and prioritizing risks
  • monitoring strategic risks
  • auditing complex I T environments
  • auditing large scale capital investment projects
  • data analytics and continuous monitoring for early warning signs
  • advanced reporting skills – learning to compress key audit findings into brief executive summaries  which can be quickly appreciated by audit committees and the board

Although there is a wealth of internal audit educational material available in English language, there is a relative scarcity of material Russian, and there is relatively little which puts the above skills in the context of today’s Russian business environment.

 PwC Academy has been carrying out professional exam training since the exams were introduced in the Russian language in 2011.  To this is added a range of open courses on relevant internal audit topics.

For more tailored solutions our internal audit specialists liaise with our academy to produced customized courses for our clients’ entire internal audit department.

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