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Companies must think about and capitalize on the strategic potential of technology while managing the cyber risks that come with an increasingly digital world. Companies also need to have the right skills and leadership in place to lead the change. Our technology hub provides resources for directors about the many intersections of technology—its strategic value, the connection to innovation, the related risks and the need for new skills. We help you understand major technology trends transforming business.


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Seven Questions Boards should be Asking

Seven Questions Boards should be Asking

As the cyber threat landscape evolves, boards continue to look for ways to get a better handle on how to oversee cybersecurity risk. Boards understand the potential damage a breach can do, but there is often a knowledge deficit to overcome. Boards aren’t expected to have all of the answers related to cyber risk, but they do need to talk with management and ask the right questions so they can stay on top of this complex and dynamic risk.

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