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Fostering the dialogue between investors and boards

According to a survey carried out by J.P. Morgan among 40 Canadian, EU, UK and US companies that invest in Russia, two out of five investors believe that improving corporate governance is the key factor that will determine who wins the battle for investors in developing countries.

Investors continue to play a vital role in the corporate governance of public companies and are having more influence on how boards and management teams operate. PwC’s Governance Insights Centre strives to foster the dialogue between investors, directors and corporate management.

We can help you build effective systems for interacting with your shareholders and investors though the following services:

  • Developing a strategy for interacting with shareholders and investors
  • Designing programmes for engaging with minority shareholders
  • Enhancing the impact of corporate reporting, including annual and sustainability reports
  • Expanding your company’s presence in ratings, including international sustainability indexes
  • Improving transparency and disclosure

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