PwC’s Annual Boards Survey 2019

We are pleased to invite you to participate in PwC’s Annual Boards Survey.

Boards of directors play a key role at their companies by sharing their experience and understanding of business. Today, we are seeing boards evolve and gravitate towards innovation and thought leadership. Directors are now interested in dealing with such issues as corporate culture, climate change and social responsibility.

The ways in which boards view the risks and opportunities that may impact their company’s strategy are definitely changing, partly in response to external pressures. Institutional investors now have higher expectations regarding risk management and responsible business practices. Boards’ awareness about business risks—and their capacity to control and mitigate them—is becoming increasingly critical. Risk management related to climate change, resource competition, technology, and demographic and political change is also growing in importance. 

In this survey, we would like to hear directors’ opinions about their understanding of and influence on risk management and sustainable development practices at their companies. The survey results will be used to prepare a report that will help the professional community of directors to take a more holistic view in preparing to face today’s challenges.

Your opinion is important to us. Please take 15 minutes and answer the questions in the survey below.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your input throughout the research and analysis process. The survey results will be statistically processed, depersonalised and consolidated into a single report. The use of aggregated data safeguards against any references to company names and/or individual responses.

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