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Korea Business Desk

러시아 한국 비즈니스 데스크는 현재 모스크바에 위치하고 있으며, 현지 전문가들과 함께 글로벌 비즈니스 트렌드 지식을 기반으로 세무회계, 법률자문, 감사, M&A, 시장조사, 경영분석, 세무조사지원, 포렌식 서비스 등 다양한 분야에서 러시아에 진출한 한국 기업들에게 최고 수준의 자문 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

Who we are

PwC는 세계 최대 규모의 네트워크를 보유한 전문 컨설팅 회사로 157개국에 걸쳐 758개의 오피스를 운영하고 있으며, 195,000명의 전문가들이 함께 일하고 있습니다.

PwC Russia는 러시아 4대 회계법인 중 가장 큰 규모로 모스크바, 세인트피터즈버그, 카잔 등 러시아 주요 도시에 사무소를 보유하고 2,800명의 전문가가 약 3,000여 개의 기업에 서비스를 제공하고 있으며, 특히 러시아 Top 600 기업 내 약 290개 업체를 주요 고객사로 보유하고 있습니다.

PwC Russia Korea Business Desk 는 러시아 비즈니스 환경에 대한 폭넓은 이해를 바탕으로 러시아에 진출한 우리 기업들에게 세무회계, 법률, 감사, 경영진단, 포렌식 서비스 등 사업 활동을 위해 필요한 다양한 분야에서 실뢰받는 Business Advisor로 활동하고 있습니다. 또한, 러시아 시장 신규 진출을 준비 중인 우리 기업들에게는 시장현황 조사, 법인설립/등기, 세무회계 시스템 set – up 등 기업별, 산업별 진출 현황에 적합한 맞춤형 ONE – STOP 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

PwC Russia Korea Business Desk 는 한국공인회계사와 러시아회계사가 함께 근무하며 삼일회계법인과 (PricewaterhouseCoopers Korea) 한국 – 러시아 간 다양한 비즈니스 분야에서 협업하고 있으며, 러시아 내 한국무역투자진흥공사, 중소기업협의회 공식 자문사 역할을 수행하며 한국대사관, 상공회의소 등 관계 기관들과도 협력하고 있습니다.

How we can help

Audit services

  • Russian statutory audits
  • Reviews required for capital market transactions (e.g. due diligence)
  • Audits of IFRS and US GAAP financial statements
  • Accounting system design and internal control reviews
  • Forecast analysis and reviews
  • Process audits
  • Advice on IFRS applications

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Advisory services

Financial and economic consultancy services covering different areas of corporate operations, including:

  • M&As
  • Due diligence, raising capital and attracting investors
  • Business valuations
  • SME issues
  • Reorganisations and restructurings
  • Forensic investigations
  • Business process optimisation, management and control improvement, IT systems, risk identification and internal audit
  • Real estate management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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Tax advice

Making investments in Russia—from launching a permanent establishment to financing subsidiaries—can raise a number of tax issues. We would be delighted to help you solve these and other challenges. We provide the following advisory services:

  • Tax consultations on planning and executing investments, including advice on opportunities in special economic zones and on the use of new financial instruments, such as special investment agreements
  • Development of effective solutions for typical tax issues faced by South Korean investors in Russia
  • Formulation of effective tax strategies for entities undergoing financial or legal restructuring
  • Calculation of profit/corporate taxes, personal income taxes, VAT, or withholding and other taxes
  • Accounting, assistance in drafting or reviewing tax returns, payroll calculations and other administrative services (e.g. registration of legal entities for tax purposes)
  • Client representation and support during due diligence projects, including on tax issues
  • Customs advice
  • Development of employment and compensation schemes in Russia for expatriates from South Korea
  • Trainings and workshops

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Legal advice

The Russian market continues to be an attractive destination for companies from South Korea. This is all the more reason why projects in Russia must be carefully planned, including a thorough assessment of the Russian legal and regulatory landscape.

Launching and operating a company in Russia can give rise to range of legal issues, including setting up branches and subsidiaries; structuring cross-border arrangements; registering Russian real estate; and obtaining necessary permits (construction, procurement, work and residence), to name a few. Our experts will be happy to assist you in addressing such issues as:

  • Drafting contracts (e.g. cross-border delivery contracts, service or licence agreements)
  • Setting up branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Other corporate or civil law matters
  • Complicated areas of antitrust and competition law
  • Compliance with labour law and secondment arrangements
  • Assistance in obtaining Russian work permits
  • Complex real estate issues

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Contact us

Natalia Vozianova

Natalia Vozianova

Tax Partner, Head of Asian desks

Tel: +7 (495) 967 6237

Soontae Kwon

Soontae Kwon

Director, Tax & Legal Service, Korean Business Desk

Tel: +7 (495) 223 5088

Seunghwan Shin

Seunghwan Shin

Manager, Tax & Legal Service, Korean Business Desk

Tel: +7 (495) 223 5029

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