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Nov 28, 2012

Natural resources play a key role in Russia's economy, therefore activities related to the prospecting and production of such resources as well as their use are subject to special regulation. In practice, this means that various industry laws include enhanced regulation, additional (often veiled) limitations and numerous nuances.

The Energy and Natural Resources practice at PwC Legal is comprised of experienced lawyers recognised by many leading international law firm ratings. They are well-versed in the legislation regulating natural resources and energy and have prior professional experience in government and some of the largest oil and gas companies.

What makes us different from others

  • Over 12 years of integrated consulting services provided to energy companies on business issues ranging from: selecting corporate structure, obtaining licenses and necessary approvals from state authorities, and negotiating and representing companies in court;
  • Knowledge of business specifics and processes including technical aspects such as: well drilling, ore processing, power transmission, etc.
  • Over 300 business consultants and tax specialists located in Russia serving and supporting resource development and energy companies;
  • Substantial experience in concluding and implementing agreements on production sharing in Russia and the CIS.
  • Support of over 40 projects on acquisitions of oil, gas and mining assets in Russia and the CIS and integrated evaluation of the law on subsurface resources management.

Our services

  • Structuring (including financing issues) and supporting transactions in the energy and mineral resource sectors
  • Advising on establishing joint ventures in Russia and abroad
  • Full legal and tax support for making and implementing product sharing agreements (PSAs) at all stages
  • Developing draft agreements: on joint activity, operator contracts, geological survey contracts (for geological exploration work), and agreements related to the exploration, development and extraction of mineral resources (contracts for drilling, capital repairs of wells, lease of production equipment, etc.)
  • Reviewing the company's internal controls over compliance with the terms of licenses for using mineral resources, as well as controls over rights to immovable property related to the use of mineral resources; supporting the process of implementing corporate controls, including preparing drafts of corporate internal regulations
  • Advising on the preparation and review of license agreements, drafts of amendments to license agreements; reissuing licenses
  • Full legal support and preparation of documents necessary for companies to participate in an auction for the rights to subsoil use
  • Consulting on matters related to issuing licenses, changing the status of a subsoil plot, etc.
  • Assistance in resolving current and preventing potential disputes with government authorities with regard to using mineral resources (Rosprirodnadzor, Rostechnadzor, Rosnedra, etc.)
  • Conducting comprehensive legal due diligence of oil companies, including a detailed review of the companies' compliance with the terms of subsoil use
  • Consulting on issues related to the law restricting foreign investment in strategic industries including oil and gas, on issues such as obtaining approval of the Government Commission for Control Over Foreign Investments in Russia
  • Support for structuring relations connected with accepting, transferring and using geological information, including export/import matters and preparing the corresponding agreements.

Our experience

  • Assisting several major Russian oil and gas companies in the preparation of a legal due diligence on whether the group's mining companies were in compliance with the conditions for using mineral resources and of the internal monitoring system and control over such compliance
  • Assisting a joint venture of two major Russian oil and gas companies with a license for the geological study of a subsoil plot located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea in their activity aimed at seeking, evaluating, exploring and extracting oil and gas
  • Providing legal support and structuring relations for one of the biggest Russian oil and gas companies under a PSA implemented in Uzbekistan, including preparing a draft of the PSA and supporting negotiations with the republic's government authorities
  • Representing a Russian oil company listed on the London Stock Exchange which was challenging an illegal decision from a Russian licensing authority (Rosnedra)
  • Representing one of Russia's major oil and gas companies in relations with government agencies regarding the law restricting foreign investments in strategic industries
  • Representing a foreign oil and gas company in court litigation on the joint development of an oil field in Western Siberia.
  • Providing legal support for a large gas company in acquiring one of the largest private energy companies
  • Providing legal support to a large nuclear holding for international projects involving construction and operation of power stations in various jurisdictions
  • Large-scale, intra-group restructuring of a large gas company in Russia (including developing a new exploration management model)

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