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Change management

Organisations that put their people at the heart of change are measurably more likely to deliver successful outcomes.

It is believed that success in business can hinge on strategic agility and effective corporate infrastructure. However, solid strategies, processes and technology alone may not deliver expected results.

Experience shows that it takes people to understand, accept and drive the change at a personal level in order to create tangible impact. In this way, change becomes sustainable and entwined with people’s daily routine.

In an ever-changing world, getting people at every level involved is one of the keys to sustainable competitive advantage that PwC helps organisations to discover and capitalise on when embarking on transformation programs.

Your people are the key to unlocking your organisation’s unique value.

change management

PwC People-Centric Change approach

change management

Our key principle

We strongly believe that successful transformation is about making change the personal aspiration of everyone in the organisation. That’s why our change management approach focuses on helping employees to find value in the change for themselves and ensure that there is a connection in way that the new reality is perceived by every single individual.

PwC People-Centric Change approach is a unique and proven way to successfully drive positive and sustainable change to achieve transformation through people and ensure buy-in to the organisation’s goals.

Our approach is based on four pillars

a vision and understanding of what’s behind change throughout the entire organisation to provide a positive impetus and encourage people

your people in achieving a common and shared goal while creating positive cultural experiences that will stay after the project is completed

new ways of working to implement fresh knowledge, skills, tools, resources, habits, information and relationships

through measuring the achieved impact and linking important goals to team and individual metrics that serve as leading indicators of the right behaviours 

What we can do for you

Define your vision for the change and assess your organisation’s change readiness

Articulate a common vision for change and identify readiness for transfer and potential sources of resistance to change based on PwC’s EPIC methodology

Develop a change management program

Identify change promoters and develop a comprehensive roadmap to help employees adapt, including:

  • communications strategy
  • training strategy
  • coaching strategy
  • implementation plan
  • roadmap for change promoters

Support program implementation and create change promoters team

Support implementation of the change program, train and coach your team of change promoters

Program monitoring

Collect and process feedback, keep track of implementation KPIs’ progress and make adjustments (if necessary)

What change management means for...

... employees

change management

Confidence in the future as they understand the nature, context and details of change and their impact on employees

change management

Ability to be engaged in defining and achieving the target state where the organisation strives to be

change management

Comfortable adaptability to new ways of working and minimisation of related stress

... an organisation’s leadership / a project team

change management

Enhance the probability of success

change management

Minimise employee resistance to change

change management

Increase the speed of change adoption by employees

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