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People management during corporate deals

How we can help:


HR due diligence services

We help you to identify the HR issues that affect the price of a deal. We work to establish and understand early on in a transaction the critical HR and workforce issues, identify their relevance and ensure that appropriate protections are added to the relevant documentation. We focus on commitments to the people that affect the financial indicators underlying transactions and employment laws, as well as develop and add appropriate protections in the transaction documentation. We also provide insight into culture and other challenges that may pose a threat to realising value.

Our areas of focus include:

  • executive management
  • HR regulatory issues
  • employee relations
  • the HR function and processes
  • compensation and benefits
  • carve-out and synergy.

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HR pre-deal services

We make sure that you have the right people and that they are focused on the right things. We work to identify the key HR decisions required based on the nature of the transaction, including authorising HR due diligence to design a comprehensive project plan that we manage and execute for each functional area of HR and for cross-functional HR activities. We help you to build your leadership team and organisational structure, and assess the impact of culture and change.

Areas of focus include:

  • determining synergies
  • the hidden cost of people
  • transferring employees
  • benefits, incentives and payroll
  • organisational design and restructuring
  • leadership, key employees and skills
  • pensions
  • communication
  • culture
  • planning from day one.

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HR post-deal services

We focus on the organisational values that reflect your purpose, mission and vision. We work to deliver a targeted HR solution to ensure a smooth first day and to achieve the goals of the deal. We support you with a harmonised HR strategy and organisational structure, HR technology, processes and infrastructure, policies, workforce onboarding, culture-led transformation, stakeholder engagement and communications workstreams.

To reflect a company’s mission and vision, we revise an organisation’s values through: 

  • culture-led change
  • reward and performance optimisation
  • stakeholder engagement and communications
  • organisation workforce and talent
  • HR transformation, technology, data and analytics
  • industrial and employee relations. 

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Change management (together with the Advisory team)

We assist in exchanging information, developing effective internal and external communications with employees and stakeholders during transactions, developing incentives, retaining key employees and more. 


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How can having the right HR process ensure the success of your deal?

As organisations deal with a fast-transforming business environment, they are looking to find the right people to support their deals and the technology and ideas that can drive innovation and increase growth. Deals can be complex, and failing to secure the right talent can be a serious threat to providing effective transaction support. Leaner HR structures within organisations create the need for flexible professionals that can step in to support you throughout the deal process and beyond so that you are achieving your corporate objectives.

People in deals

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