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Remuneration and performance management

Designing your performance management framework

We build your performance management framework based on your business strategy, goals and KPIs, as well as on your corporate culture, principles, beliefs and values.

To help us to build it, you need to answer the following questions: What are the main implementation goals? What is the time frame? What are your organisation’s utilisation concepts for their labour force? How do your leaders usually drive performance?

This and other information helps us to gain a better understanding of the background and idea of the future framework. We build both quick-win frameworks that drive performance in the short term and long-term systems that enable organisational efficiency and people development.

We have experience using the Balanced Scorecards and Management by Objectives frameworks.

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Designing and implementing your goal-setting framework

Exercises to break down strategic goals are meant to equip each employee with individual goals and performance indicators that are targeted towards the achievement of major strategic goals at the company-wide level. The goal-setting framework also ensures a perfect balance between the level of responsibility and the level of compensation for the targets achieved by leadership and staff.

We help to build performance management frameworks that not only combine formal processes and administrative systems, but that also help employees to focus on key performance results, strategic goals and initiatives, and the behaviour required of them.

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Designing and implementing performance ratings and a competency assessment framework for your leadership and staff

A properly designed performance management framework identifies top performers and defines critical business roles, positions and capabilities.

One of the elements of our frameworks is listing the roles that are critical to achieving corporate goals. This tool allows us to formalise business requirements for staff qualifications and proficiencies.

The right combination of employee assessment tools and techniques allows our clients to understand the value that new talent can bring to achieving a company’s key business goals.

We help to design learning programmes based on a company’s needs and the results of employee assessments. These programmes allow us to bridge the gap between the actual and target staff competency levels required to achieve corporate business goals. Identifying critical roles, competencies and needs of the talent pool enables your company to optimise recruitment, enhance its value proposition, improve corporate learning and development programmes, and ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

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Companies often face the following performance management issues:

  • Common cases when the actual business results failed to meet the management’s expectations despite significant effort and resources.
  • The widely popular Balanced Scorecard framework often delivers bulky data outputs, and most business leaders simply do not have the time to analyse all the indicators.


  • Many managers prefer not to give feedback, feeling it can cause people’s motivation and engagement to subside.
  • The performance management frameworks in place are often so complicated and labour-intensive that any positive effects are outweighed by the cost of the resources set aside to maintain them.

Our global expertise, ongoing research and pool of subject-matter experts provide us with a knowledge base and capabilities that enable PwC teams to take on the most complex tasks when designing and improving the performance management framework. 

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