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Talent management framework

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Diagnosing and developing your talent management framework

Our talent management framework diagnostics allow for the assessment of the efficiency of the talent management tools in place to support a company's strategic goals and objectives. This assessment comprises quantitative and qualitative analyses of the drivers of the strategic business goals and talent management practices in place. We also use PwC’s own Talent Management Maturity Model (T3M).

Based on the results of the diagnostics, we design and implement change, making sure that qualified talent is available in the right place at the right time while maintaining payroll cost efficiency.

Very often, in order to ensure the lean operation for the attraction, development, retention and role allocation of talent, you only have to “fine-tune” the existing talent management tools and processes.

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Transforming your recruitment framework and EVP

Recruitment transformation projects allow organisations to enhance the process for hiring candidates from the market while maintaining maximum cost efficiency.

To make hiring economically efficient, we benchmark your recruitment function against our PwC Saratoga survey benchmarks.

To ensure an effective hiring process, we design (upgrade) and implement tools for attracting and evaluating the candidates best suited to your company's needs.

To make your company stand out in the market, we create an employer value proposition.

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Employee performance assessment, learning and development

Any employee performance assessment and development programme focuses on ensuring that staff are sufficiently able to achieve the company’s goals.

Proceeding from this assumption, we begin our work in an unusual fashion, starting not with people but with critical roles that, given adequate investment, contribute to achieving the company's most important business goals, mitigating the potential risk of failure.

Having identified the roles (as well as skill sets and capabilities) critical to the company, we perform employee assessments that indicate to what degree new hires or seasoned staff can bring the necessary value to fulfil the company’s objectives.

To make our estimates accurate and unbiased, we use standardised and tailored tools, and we analyse the nature of the specified roles, business specifics and qualities of the specified employees.

Having assessed the gap between the actual and target quality of the talent required to achieve the company’s goals, we design learning programmes focused on implementing technical and leadership skills for different categories of employees in your company.


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Building your top teams

Our programmes for building top-performing teams focus on improving the efficiency of top managers and their impact on the company’s performance.

Creating “star teams” helps leadership to evolve as a team, from learning basic teamwork principles and understanding group performance drivers to choosing the optimum team model and ensuring commitment to achieving business goals and the success of the team.

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Retaining your people and managing their engagement

The focus of our employee retention projects is mitigating attrition risks (especially for key personnel) and increasing “returns” on the company’s human capital.

To achieve this, you need unbiased, relevant and high-quality information on what drives your people and ensures their loyalty to a particular employer. To obtain this information, we apply various quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and statistically analyse social data.

After we identify the reasons behind low engagement levels and high employee turnover based on the data processed, we develop a framework of measures to “fine-tune” the work aspects critical to successful employee incentivisation and retention (e.g. a bonus system, communications, management changes, the behaviour of leadership, etc.).

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Managing your succession programmes and strategic headcount planning

We implement succession management programmes to ensure the continuous availability of human resources that are sufficient for achieving your strategic business goals.

To satisfy your company’s long-term employee qualification needs, we design frameworks for strategic headcount and succession management.

As part of our strategic projects for designing and implementing a headcount management framework, we analyse the drivers behind the supply (e.g. the availability of candidates with required qualifications in the labour market) and demand (e.g. the company’s need for such candidates) in the company’s “internal labour market”. This analysis allows us to predict gaps between the company’s demand for candidates with specific qualifications and the availability of them, and to bridge such gaps by applying a full range of advanced talent management tools.

By designing succession programmes, we help our clients to create a pool of employees who can ensure the success of the business going forward. We develop succession management solutions based on our analysis of the company’s critical business roles and organisational structure. Another key aspect of out effort is creating career tracks and focusing on the profiles of potential successors. Unlike the traditional talent pool, the succession pool allows for the use of employees’ interest in career growth and professional development to ensure the perfect allocation of roles and to create a fully-fledged “bench strength” to back up a company’s most critical positions.

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According to our CEO Survey, talent scarcity is a major risk for businesses Russia.

A well-built talent management framework makes sure that your company can control this risk.

We see talent management as the art of applying HR tools to allow your company to achieve its business goals.

Our approach facilitates the integration of two fundamental interpretations of talent: inclusive (all staff members are talented) and exclusive (only key personnel are talented). The approach also ensures the availability of the right people in the right place at the right time.

Talent management projects may vary significantly based on your company’s goals and its interpretation of talent. Nonetheless, our approach enables:

  • the attraction of the best talent
  • employee performance assessment, learning and development
  • employee retention
  • the proper allocation of roles.

We help to complete these tasks by using the PwC approach to transforming organisations and business processes. This enables us to implement projects that cover all aspects of talent management to maximise the positive impact on a company’s business.


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