Strategic cost reduction

Many face the challenge of having to cut costs. The clever ones think about the real causes and drivers of cost in the wider context of efficiency. They are ready to make cost reduction an integral part of their business strategy in order to achieve sustainable savings.

Potential issues

  • You don’t understand cost structure and drivers.
  • Simple cost cutting has not worked and you need a cost reduction strategy to transform business processes and organisational structure.
  • You have to make difficult decisions about where to limit resources.
  • Your cost reduction initiatives do not contain the necessary cost reduction measures.
  • Your company does not understand the importance of operating costs in achieving business objectives.

Services we offer

  • Determining the manageable cost base, including reviewing your cost structure and drivers, and benchmarking them to industry and functional standards
  • Identifying cost cutting and cost management opportunities
  • Designing and implementing strategies
  • Helping set up systems that track cost and constantly control operational costs

Benefits for our clients

  • Get a clear view of operating cost drivers and financial plans
  • Manage contracts and third party spending effectively
  • Gain total control of cost management and processes

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