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Today, information technology is one of the key factors that help unlock the potential for innovation-driven development and business transformation. Technology is the cornerstone of any business, and those companies that understand the strategic potential of information technology can effectively integrate it into every aspect of their business operations. Such companies actively invest in information technologies that support their business objectives and help create a single ecosystem connecting people, information and processes. But, this can be a challenge to achieve. Every industry has its own specific features and its own opportunities and constraints when it comes to management. Thus, it’s critical that investments in IT are aligned with the company’s overall business objectives and pay for themselves, and that its IT strategy corresponds to its business goals. That’s why it’s clear that IT function performance must be carefully managed. PwC is ready to help you obtain the greatest value and return from your IT investments through leveraging our professional expertise and extensive experience as well as best practices.

PwC offers a service package that combines technology and business consulting

Strategy and its implementation are the building blocks of any smart investment in information technology, and PwC prides itself on its ability to provide a much wider array of value-added services than a simple systems integrator. We act as business integrators for our clients and can bring in industry and technology specialists with expertise across a diverse range of services, covering strategy and architecture, information management, IT infrastructure and business applications.

Services we offer

IT strategy and governance:

  • IT strategy and architecture
  • IT function organisation and governance
  • IT project management (using a project/programme management office)

Business applications:

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application implementation and roll-out
  • Application integration

Infrastructure and delivery model selection:

  • Infrastructure management
  • IT service management
  • Service delivery model selection

Information management:

  • Strategy, architecture and information management
  • Corporate data management, data warehouses, data analytics and modelling
  • Corporate content management
  • Financial data and business information publication, exchange, analysis and comparison in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format

Benefits for our clients

  • Broad expertise and hands-on experience in providing professional assistance to our clients 
  • Decision-making driven by PwC’s global knowledge and IT best practices
  • Synergy effects from combining business consulting and information technology resources 
  • Insight into local regulations, requirements and constraints, and effective solutions for IT-related compliance, risk management, and IT security issues
  • Close ties with leading IT vendors
  • Access to local and international IT experts to analyse project solutions and optimise costs
  • A holistic approach to the programme and project management lifecycle, including applying standards, methods and best practices for IT project management from initiation through to implementation and project completion

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