Managing business performance

Top managers often lack access to the type of reliable information they need for management decision-making. This is generally due to poor coordination between management systems, whether they are for strategic or medium-term planning, budgeting, or financial or management accounting. The Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system can solve this problem by creating an integrated management system to help managers meet their strategic goals.

Potential issues

  • You need an effective strategy implementation tool.
  • You want a concise picture of performance results from all levels of your organisation.
  • You require accurate budgets and projections.
  • You need to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • You want reliable and relevant information to run your business

Services we offer

  • Developing a consistent methodology for strategic, medium-term planning and budgeting
  • Proposing specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for organisations, executives and staff, as well as algorithms for their measurement
  • Setting up IFRS-compliant financial and management accounting and reporting systems
  • Formulating a uniform methodology for consolidating forecasted and actual data
  • Developing a production cost methodology based on global best practice across various industries
  • Quality assurance for EMP implementation

Benefits for our clients

  • Aligning operating performance indicators with strategic objectives
  • Ensuring that management and investors have access to objective and consistent information
  • Making metrics across all management levels comparable, including strategic, medium-term and operational
  • Creating effective resource planning and allocation systems
  • Reducing reporting time
  • Ensuring the necessary level of detail in management information
  • Introducing performance-based incentive systems

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