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Change and programme management

Any changes a company implements can become a source of stress and operational risk. But how can they be transformed into a managed progression towards strategic objectives? Complex restructuring within separate functional areas is not a part of a company’s core business and requires specific management, control and skills. The success of these changes depends on the methods used to implement them and communicate their objectives to employees.

Potential issues

  • You want to implement individual projects or integrated changes.
  • You would like to involve key employees in the changes and increase trust in the company’s management.
  • You want to create a positive attitude among employees to the changes and mitigate any hostility.
  • You need to implement continuous improvement processes and innovations.
  • You would like to install knowledge management processes and gather and roll out best practices within the company.
  • You would like to reduce project activities costs.
  • You need to set up a project management office.
  • You want to develop a transparent control system for project activities.
  • You need to increase company flexibility and manageability, and prepare it for changes.

Services we offer

  • Assessment of a company’s corporate culture and its readiness for change
  • Project/programme (group of projects) management
  • Project management quality assurance
  • Project management and change management methodology development
  • Development of project planning and budgeting system
  • Selection of project activity performance indicators
  • Creation of reporting systems for projects/programmes
  • Development of a change communication plan
  • Training on project and change management methodologies for staff

Benefits for our clients

  • Increased trust in company management
  • More positive attitude among employees toward the changes
  • Continuous improvement processes and innovations
  • Efficient knowledge management processes rolling out best practices within the company
  • Reduced costs for project activities
  • Transparent control system for project activities
  • Increased company flexibility and manageability

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