Treasury function effectiveness

In addition to processing payments and financing a company's operations, the treasury function plays a largely strategic role. In this respect, treasury leaders are trying

to increase efficiency through a centralised management function, more transparent cash flows and lower impact from financial risks.

Potential issues

  • You aim to cutting costs through effective cash management
  • You are interested in increasing cash flow transparency and creating value through effective treasury risk management
  • You need to develop and support an effective intra-company resource allocation system
  • You are interested in shaping the capital structure and managing it

Services we offer

Design of a corporate treasury operating model

We test a company’s current treasury model and compare it to best practice. Based on a detailed review, we develop an operating model that includes a description of the treasury's role and functions, as well as  the degree to which it is centralised.

Cash and liquidity management

We analyse the current cash management model and develop procedures for its improvement. Each initiative is assessed in terms of its economic impact following implementation. We also draft a detailed implementation plan. We elaborate an approach to liquidity management. The approach covers a liquidity forecast system, procedures for fundraising operations in financial markets, as well as drafting internal corporate rules and regulations.

Treasury risk management

We review the impact of financial risks on the company's operations and compare the current approach with global practice. In addition, we assist in developing a financial risk hedging strategy and accounting procedures.

Automation of the treasury function

We assist in selecting and implementing system solutions for the automation of a treasury function.

Benefits for our clients

  • More transparent cash flows and monitoring
  • Interest expense optimisation and increased interest income
  • More efficient transactions as a result of a centralised payment processing
  • Lower impact of financial risks on the company's results
  • Fewer errors and increased transaction speed due to an implemented treasury system

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