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Private Companies Services

A distinguishing feature of private business is the absence of significant support from the state in terms of financing or stability guarantees. Business owners must shoulder the burden of the many challenges that can arise when doing business in a competitive environment. They must constantly seek answers to questions about how to retain market position and exploit new growth opportunities.

Here at PwC, we design custom solutions that support the growth and stability of private businesses in the face of changing markets and crisis situations. In our Private Companies Services group, we have a team of auditors, lawyers, business consultants and tax specialists who help companies to compete effectively and build a foundation for long-term growth.

We receive first-hand information directly in conversation with business owners and leaders. As a result, we understand better than others the kinds of challenges that businesses face.   

Attracting financing

Successful business development requires additional sources of capital. Once attracted, these extra resources help companies achieve their growth and development goals.

In considering potential additional sources of capital, companies are often faced with the choice of bank loans or alternative financing. We are perfectly positioned to help you select the option that best suits your needs, and can also offer advice on managing risk and on assessing and raising liquidity.


  • IPO training and support
  • Attraction of financial investors
  • Bond issuance
  • Business valuation
  • Project financing
  • Creation of relevant tax and legal structures
  • Debt management

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Company strategy and operational effectiveness

The success of any company depends, first of all, on having a clear and consistent strategy in place, supported with efficient operational management and an understanding of those critical factors that can help grow the value of the business. Working closely with you, we can assess your company's value proposition and competitive position and develop an appropriate business strategy. In parallel, we can help you identify the strategic options for growing your business, maximising its value, and increasing its attractiveness for potential outside investors and lenders.

The available options can include not only developing appropriate growth plans but also launching organisational change across the business, including operational and process improvement to ensure execution of the strategy and reduction of operating costs.


  • Business strategy development
  • Shadow estimate
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Supply chain management
  • Organisational structure and management system
  • Reasonable cost reduction
  • Business process development and improvement
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management and compliance
  • IT-function effectiveness

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Financial reporting and audit

Financial reporting is a vital management tool for addressing the diverse issues that companies and their owners face. These can include attracting financing, meeting regulatory requirements and credit-agreement terms, and carrying out mergers and acquisitions.

The independent audit of financial reports boosts trust in a company's financial reporting, while also providing an additional market advantage thanks to the auditor's informed suggestions about how to achieve greater efficiency in the company’s operations.


  • Financial statements audit
  • IFRS adoption
  • Tax and accounting consulting services
  • Systems and process audit
  • Internal audit
  • Staff training, corporate training and seminars 

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Mergers and acquisitions

Organic growth alone is often not enough to satisfy business needs or to attain goals. This is why many companies are keen to explore development options involving strategic mergers and acquisitions, and also the possibility of attracting strategic or financial investors.

Whatever goal your company wants to achieve, whether it is growth through acquiring other companies, attracting investors, or selling shares, our specialists can help you close your deal successfully, getting the most out of new opportunities.


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People management

In any business, successful development relies on the input of every single employee, and nowhere is this felt more than in a private company. For these businesses, people management is critical. In particular, they need to develop an HR strategy that:

  • Effectively plans to meet real needs in managing HR and employee workloads
  • Evaluates the current and potential efficiency and qualification levels that the company needs to achieve its goals
  • Takes the best approach to motivating staff to maximise results while retaining economic benefits for the company


  • Developing people management policies
  • Developing staff motivation and incentive policies
  • Planning staff headcount
  • Boosting people management efficiency
  • Managing staff during transactions or periods of significant company change

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Taxation and the law

Taxes are simultaneously a key source of public revenue and, as a critical element of the investment climate, an important tool in relations between government and investors. It is crucial that companies carefully analyse and assess the tax implications of their business decisions to mitigate any possible regulatory risks, as well as to realise potential cost savings and create additional competitive advantages.

We can help you analyse your company’s accounting policies for tax purposes and review the tax implications of specific transactions, as well as suggest ways to prevent potential errors, mitigate risks and identify opportunities to enhance operational tax efficiency.


  • Advice on legal developments
  • Tax costs optimisation
  • Tax litigation services
  • Effective tax function development

In doing business, every company must deal with a wide range of legal issues touching upon corporate, antimonopoly, real estate and currency legislation as well as other branches of the law. Company owners and managers must also address such critical issues as protecting themselves from potential M&A risks, safeguarding their assets, including IP rights, and handling complex personnel matters, without incurring any adverse consequences.

We can help you conduct a thorough legal analysis of such issues, and advise you on how to avoid potential errors, mitigate risks and identify solutions that can fully meet the needs of your growing business.


  • Independent legal due diligence
  • Deals structuring
  • Business restructuring and reorganisation
  • Intellectual property
  • Labour law

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CEO Club meetings

PwC launched the CEO Club as a platform for facilitating communication and experience sharing among Russian business leaders. Regular participants in the club include CEOs, business owners and general directors of private Russian companies. The Club’s discussion-based format covers the most vital and pressing business topics and is aimed at expanding participants’ business contacts.



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