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Startups from the 2nd batch of PwC Russia Accelerator

VisorLabs Health&Safety

VisorLabs Health&Safety is an information system based on artificial intelligence and computer vision. This system automates control over personnel compliance with industrial safety requirements at industrial and other hazardous facilities.

The solution offers the following:

  • control over use of personal protective equipment,
  • control over personnel compliance with industrial safety requirements,
  • situational control over personnel location in hazardous zones,
  • control over contractors’ compliance with industrial safety requirements.

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“PROTEGE” is a web-based application for work permits life cycle automatization, which ensures transfer from paper permits to digital permits; risk assessment for planned work; statistics of performance efficiency; and an interactive map of a facility with indication of work being performed within one application, including industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning.

Automation reduces time for documents preparation and amendment, length of interruption in operations, equipment downtime and personnel waiting time. 

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Smart space CPS Lab is an ecosystem of solutions for digital business transformation based on IoT and spatial data analytics.

  • Visualisation of data about personnel, equipment, transport and sensors on Indoor or Outdoor maps.
  • Automation of business processes through wearable devices, sensors and embedded systems.
  • Industrial safety: registration of alarming events, control over personal protection equipment, alarm button and integration with video analytics.
  • Monitoring and stock-taking of assets.
  • Integration with 1C and BIM.

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Marvelmind Robotics

Marvelmind Robotics is an out-of-box system of precise (±2cm) positioning and navigation inside and outside premises for safety and productivity purposes.

Spheres: logistics, manufacturing industry and hazardous production facilities.

Objects: mobile equipment, vehicles, humans, autonomous robots and drones. 

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AURORAi allows detection of huge number of parameters, can significantly facilitate the visual control process and improve its quality.

Largely, visual control does not have clear assessment parameters. There is no system to document visual assessment of a facility’s technical condition. The human factor significantly impacts assessment quality during visual examination and detection of defects.

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odgAssist is a software to ensure low products cost through managing processes stability and optimising priority of tasks performed based on multiagent modelling.

The software helps reduce costs for additional work shifts and additional equipment for quality control.

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VR Concept

VR Concept is a software for collective work with digital twins based on CAD or BIM models in virtual reality.

VR Concept significantly reduces the number and cost of errors, shortens the timeline to develop a product by 15-30%, improves effectiveness of personnel training during complex operations by 90%, as well as performance characteristics of a designed facility. A deep dive discussion of a project reduces the need in business trips and facilitates the approval process. 

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ProctorEdu team provides educational platforms with tools for observation and control over testing and training.

The solution is used to analyse data from web-cameras, screens and microphones, which ensures information about everything what happens during testing. This data is automatically analysed for unfair testing, which ensures exam validity at any place, any time and at any device.

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Timesheet Assistant based on CrocoTime

Timesheet Assistant based on CrocoTime is an application for automatic registration of working time; it is developed based on CrocoTime monitoring agent provided by Infomaximum.

Data received helps to make decisions on optimisation of staff composition and headcount, and assists in budget planning based on actual time input. In addition, Timesheet Assistant is a tool to identify opportunities for workload distribution among team members and within the workforce of the organization, which prevents burn-out of employees.

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SOICA is an intellectual platform for recognition, analysis and reconciliation of data from paper scans and documents.  

It ensures automatic processing of big volumes of documents in the shortest time possible.

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SOLA is an HR service, which helps companies to improve onboarding and adaptation of employees; it helps to implement wellbeing programmes in a company to improve personnel performance and loyalty.

Sola Onboarding and Sola Wellbeing mobile applications provide onboarding and adaptation programmes for employees, programmes to relieve stress and improve performance, promo materials to be launches within a company and reports for HR.

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BotProtection is an intellectual system protecting business from malicious bots, which prevents cash and reputational losses from bot attacks.

It provides automatic and real-time blocking of attacks from even most complicated bots on a mobile application or web-site, and allows gathering statistics on users and bots behavior. 

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Purple Ground

The Purple Ground cyber range is a realistic simulator for cybersecurity specialists training.

According to the statistics, in 2019, companies spent 279 days in average to identify and prevent incidents connected with compromised data.

In 2019, the average time spent by SOC team to identify a data theft incident was 206 days. In addition, the average response time of Blue Team is 73 days. In total, an incident is not resolved during 279 days.

The Purple Ground helps to improve specialists skills in respect of cyber attacks detection and prevention. In this turn it reduces impact of the possible cyber attacks and cyber security incidents.

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Feedback from participants

“An outstanding mix of professionalism and experience of our colleagues from PwC, invited specialists and trackers, the drive of start-ups and the “new reality” made this accelerator absolutely different and unpredictable. There was a lot of uncertainty: nobody knew what further changes would be made tomorrow, what will become important and what will become meaningless, but we believed, that now we had to outperform at 146%.

On the one hand, we were locked in our homes, and on the other hand, we were free like never before. We made virtual visits to each other’s kitchens and balconies. We conducted negotiations in jackets and slippers. Any transactions which previously required us flying to any other part of the globe can now be made at our kitchen table and celebrated at a dinner delivered by a fearless courier.

As a result, we changed – we all became more humane and closer to our clients and partners, our business learned to help other businesses in the conditions of ongoing uncertainty, maintain stable quality and find additional resources that are in such a high demand today.”

“We gained enormous knowledge and experience during the PwC Russia Accelerator through communication with experts from PwC and fund. Furthermore, we made plans for potential cooperation and integration of our projects with some of other participants. With support from PwC, we took part in meetings with representatives of some government agencies.

We definitely see mutual benefits in our prospective cooperation with PwC experts and PwC Russia Accelerator participants, since the digitalisation of industrial security and industry as a whole is just gaining momentum.”

“It was our first accelerator and definitely not the last one. We learned a lesson from our mistakes, adjusted the strategy and gained an invaluable experience. I would like to give special thanks to the entire team of PwC that worked with us: Dmitry Sharkov, Muslim Gadzhiev, Alexey Abramov, Lilia Meshcheriakova and Pavel Veselovskiy. They trusted us and selected our project to participate in the final part by giving us a chance to demonstrate our capabilities, and based on the Accelerator results, we launched a pilot project.”

“We would like to thank our PwC colleagues for their active support throughout the Accelerator process. Your involvement in the preparation of presentations, facilitation in negotiations with the Client, timely consultation on legal issues, and expert advice in the preparation and coordination of the pilot were important for us.”

“During the Accelerator, we worked with the PwC team in several areas: meetings at Rostekhnadzor, preparation of materials for meetings with a large oil company and one of the leading Russian retailers.

Interaction with PwC helped us to improve our presentation material, sort out the current clients of VR Concept in the form of cases and success stories. Such approach considerably increased the attractiveness of our presentations for potential clients through demonstrating them the real benefit of our product application."

“PwC Accelerator is a point of growth for the innovative and ambitious companies. The participation in acceleration is a great opportunity to get access to large international companies and collaborate with PwC for conducting common work with PwC clients.

During the acceleration, Sola acted as the supplier of a digital solution for training and increasing the involvement of employees within the PwC wellbeing program Be Well, Work Well. We are pleased to have such a fruitful cooperation!

After the acceleration, some new functions were added within Sola application for wellbeing and Sola application for onboarding new employees. Think they will be helpful for our current and future clients.”

“Of course, the main motive to apply for an accelerating programme is the chance to launch a pilot with a large company. However, it was no less relevant, that joining PwC Russia Accelerator gave us a holistic view of the industrial safety challenges both from the client’s and the regulator’s perspective. This enabled us to take a fresh look at our product in the light of labour and industrial safety risk management driving responsible investment and to clearly define client needs which our product helps to solve”.

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Alexei Okishev

Partner, Digital Solutions Development Center Leader, PwC Russia

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Pavel Veselovskiy

Manager, Technology Practice, PwC Russia

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Anna Smischenko-Mironova

Head of communications, PwC Russia

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Natalia Kartuzova

Marketing, PwC Russia

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