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PwC Venture Hub

The PwC Venture Hub brings together technology startups, innovation-driven corporations, venture capital firms and investors to create new products and solutions, provide services and implement joint projects within the innovation ecosystem.

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For almost 10 years, PwC has been studying the Russian venture capital market, conducting comparative analysis with global trends and analyzing the experience of successful players in this market. Every year we share the results of the MoneyTree study, which reflects in detail the level of venture activity in Russia.

We have been working with Slush for over 10 years, fully supporting the mission of this startup platform to support and stimulate entrepreneurship. Every year we invite our clients - corporations and startups to Slush so that they can participate in this unique event and get the most out of it.

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Slush 2019

Who do we work with

The PwC Venture Hub team uses all of PwC's industry expertise (knowledge base) and international networking to work with technology startups. We work with startups with different objectives: entering new markets, pricing strategy, improving customer experience, creating new products and services, re-evaluating business models, etc.

Our goal is to find and encourage reliable PwC partners.

How can you benefit from participating in the PwC Venture Hub Open Innovation Programme?

  • Strong strategic partner

PwC's client base is 300+ large business representatives. Startups will have an opportunity to launch pilot projects with some of them, sign contracts, exchange experience and expertise to improve their product.

  • Access to the investor network

As a result of the programme, the best teams can get access to offers from funds and investors - members of the PwC Venture Hub ecosystem. The terms of investment offers will be determined for startups individually.

  • Client represented by PwC

We are ready to offer Fast Track cooperation to the best startups that meet PwC's internal requests and become a client.

  • Access to PwC Knowledge Base and Expertise

Throughout the project, narrow-profile experts and mentors work with startups, helping to reveal the specifics of the project for a specific client or industry.

  • The opportunity to go international

The best startups can be included in the PwC global startup base and presented to the PwC global group of experts working with the venture capital market.

  • Sustainable approach to startups

PwC does not claim a stake in the startup company.

Apply to participate in the Open innovation programme by February 25:

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We help companies assess their level of innovation maturity, develop corporate innovation and internal entrepreneurship, make venture capital investments in IT projects that are profitable for their business, and also help implement digital business transformation projects.

What are we doing?

  • We teach change management and business transformation
  • We search and find relevant technologies in Russia and abroad;
  • We revise the logic of business processes in the company and seamlessly / flexibly rebuild them
  • We continuously research the market and new trends
  • We form programs for open and corporate innovation
  • We help to launch your own acceleration program
  • We organize safe piloting of a new product within your company

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The PwC Venture Hub provides investors with comprehensive support to develop fund management plans, improve the performance of portfolio companies, and ensure smooth operations.

The PwC Venture Hub also gives access to trusted PwC experts, startups with growth potential and attracting large clients from the PwC base

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Contact us

Alexei Okishev

Alexei Okishev

Partner, Digital Solutions Development Center Leader, PwC Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 967 6000

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