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Individual tax planning

In the Russian market, PwC is a leading consultant on personal income tax consulting and compliance services. Our team of tax experts includes 30 professionals specialising in personal income tax. Many of our specialists also have expertise of working in other countries.

Our specialists are recognised as frequent participants and speakers at round tables and conferences and for their contributions to a large number of publications.

Our tax advisors are uniquely qualified to offer the following services in Russia and abroad using the wide network of PricewaterhouseCoopers offices in 157 countries.

Products and services we are offering:

Tax consulting services includes

  • analysis and planning of tax consequences at transactions with real estate and other assets
  • advising on structuring transactions with real estate/vehicles from personal income tax efficiency standpoint
  • structuring of personal and corporate pension plan
  • analysis and planning for tax consequences for cross border moves, including complex analysis of personal income tax consequences in difference jurisdictions
  • structuring and advising on tax consequences of equity based schemes;
  • assistance in structuring of investment portfolio through trusts and other off-shore vehicles

Tax compliance includes

  • preparation of personal income tax returns and submission to the tax authorities
  • negotiation with the tax authorities with respect to personal income, transport, real estate, land and other  taxes
  • preparation of a set of documents required to be presented to banks or other organizations for a purpose of making investments or acquisition of real estate abroad
  • review of tax returns prepared by third parties or in-house specialists;
  • review of tax assessments and provision of payment advice
  • negotiation with tax authorities regarding deductions, foreign tax credits, assistance with application for different types of certificates (absence of outstanding tax due, residence certificates, etc)
  • review of previous years situation to determine level of compliance
  • assistance with reconciliation of tax payments with tax authorities and application for a certificate confirming absence of outstanding tax liabilities
  • assistance with notification of opening/closing foreign bank accounts
  • assistance with preparation and filing  notifications on participation in foreign organizations

Contact us

Karina Khudenko

Partner, People & Organisation (P&O), Individual Taxation Services

Tel: +7 (495) 232 5423

Evgeny Sivoushkov

Director, Individual Taxation

Tel: + 7 (495) 967 6286

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