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PwC technological solutions

Technology ecosystems in Russia and abroad have been characterised by exponential growth in recent years. New technology, as the main catalyst in any major economic transformation, is leading to rapid changes in business practices, as well as in the essence of products themselves.

To meet their customer’s evolving expectations, hold onto their market position and gain competitive advantage, companies need to transform their business processes at the same speed at which new technological solutions appear.

For the convenience of our clients, PwC experts have created a single centre that brings together all of PwC’s technological solutions in key areas.

Drawing upon PwC’s extensive global experience and expertise, we can help you integrate our advanced solutions into your business processes, reducing costs and raising your business to a new level.



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Alexei Okishev

Alexei Okishev

Partner, Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 967 6000

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