An innovative tool for digital transformation

We help our clients develop approaches to digital transformation with our innovative PwC solutions. Drawing upon international best practices, PwC’s blockchain solutions are designed to complement our clients’ existing IT services.

How does the blockchain work?

Sample use cases in industry

Drug accounting

Status: pilot developed, implementation preparation.

Purpose of use:

  • Product control at all stages of the value chain
  • Transparent, reliable and up-to-date product flow information for management reports.

New opportunities:

  • Safe development of online commerce without the risk of increasing counterfeit
  • Potential reduction in bonuses to distributors and networks through a transparent trading platform

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Purpose of use:

  • Expedited payments or their full automation
  • Reduced fraud risks
  • Simplified Claims Resolution
  • Eliminate intermediaries, reduce paperwork

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Financial sector

Purpose of use:

  • Verification of documents at factoring: reducing the time of delivery verification
  • Common fraudster database
  • Reducing costs and simplifying the process of trade finance transactions
  • For stand-by letters of credit, reducing the steps of a business process from 15 to 4, reducing the time for opening a letter of credit from 5 working days to an hour

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Internet of things

Purpose of use:

  • Storing the history of verified data from equipment sensors
  • Automatic provision of data to counterparties to calculate transactions
  • Automatic M2M transactions

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Voting / Public sector

Purpose of use:

  • Securing the storage of data from voting results
  • Access to transparent verification of results

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Personal identification

Purpose of use:

  • Digital Identification / KYC
  • Protection of personal information

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Property rights accounting

Purpose of use:

  • Reducing the time of registration by simplifying the inspection of real estate before selling
  • Exclusion of intermediaries (lawyers, realtors, notaries and staff of registration chambers)
  • Reduced fraud risks

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Purpose of use:

  • Distributed database, which stores information about vehicles and all related information (registration, change of ownership, passing inspection, etc.)
  • Public access to the car record (change of owners, the number of accidents with him, the passage of MOT, etc.)

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PwC blockchain services

Strategic and digital transformation

  • Designing strategies on adopting blockchain
  • Assessing the potential benefits to clients from using blockchain solutions

Legal and tax consulting

  • Advising on legal and tax aspects of technology use

Technical consulting

  • Assessing IT architecture and implementing IT solutions based on blockchain
  • Designing IT architecture and prototypes of blockchain solutions, including smart contracts (in collaboration with partners)

PwC Blockchain Supply Chain

  • Solution on integrating IT services

PwC Blockchain Healthcare & Pharma

  • Customer loyalty programmes for pharmacies and drug manufacturers

PwC Blockchain Financial Sector

  • Blockchain solutions for factoring

PwC Blockchain Node

  • Installation and monitoring of trusted nodes

  • Our four-hour blockchain masterclass provides practical guidance on blockchain design and a demo of our technology solutions.
  • Our one-day seminars help participants develop a detailed understanding of what their companies can do with blockchain, including key principles, business cases and a technological overview.

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