Corporate technology

Technology is one of the most important factors driving innovation and business transformation. Not coincidentally, companies that understand the strategic significance of technology have been the most successful at integrating it into all facets of their business. Companies are investing in technology to meet their business objectives and working to create ecosystems that can connect people, information and processes.

However, this is not an easy thing to do. Every sector of the economy is unique, with its own opportunities and constraints. It is critical, therefore, that companies align their IT strategies with their overall objectives. For this reason, IT must be carefully managed.

Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices, we are ready to help you develop and improve your IT strategy.

Our services and solutions are informed by widely accepted standards and backed up by our time-tested methods, ensuring the high quality of our services.

Benefits for our clients

  • Long-term experience providing professional support to our clients
  • Solutions based on PwC’s global knowledge and international best practices
  • Synergies from consulting and technology resources
  • Insight into local regulations, requirements and constraints, and effective solutions for IT-related compliance, risk management and information security issues
  • Collaboration with leading software development companies, while remaining fiercely independent
  • Access to local and international IT experts to analyse project solutions and optimise costs
  • A holistic approach to programme and project management, including standards, methods and best practices for IT project management from implementation to completion


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