What are drones?

Drones include flying, floating and other devices—including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)— that can fly independently along set routes using an onboard computer or follow commands transmitted remotely by a pilot on the ground.

Commercial applications

  • Insurance claim validation
  • Precision agriculture
  • Infrastructure inspection and monitoring
  • Railroad safety


  • Delivery services
  • Construction site management
  • Forestry
  • Equipment inspection and monitoring (wind turbines, oil rigs, etc.)

PwC’s Drone Powered Solutions practice

The IT revolution that began to transform the global economy in the 1980s presented companies with enormous opportunities to reconceptualise how they operate. Today, we are witnessing another massive revolution: companies are undertaking radical changes to their business models as they seek to gain advantage through the adoption of drone technology.

In the nearest future, we believe that our clients will begin to transform their operations with the help of UAVs. UAVs are most relevant where both mobility and high-quality information are important.

PwC has recently launched Drone Powered Solutions, an international centre of excellence devoted to UAVs and commercial data analysis. The centre is based in Poland, which in 2013 become the first country to develop a complete set of laws and institutions to regulate the commercial use of UAVs.

The centre currently develops comprehensive solutions for different industries around the world, including solutions for image analysis technology and propriety software with applications beyond drones.  

Our Drone Powered Solutions centre develops comprehensive ready-made solutions

Data presentation

PwC Geospatial.App is a high quality software solution that integrates and presents geodata in an easily accessible format.

Data analysis

Data processing teams analyse image sets and design geospatial solutions (3D models, othophotographic plans).



Consulting on strategic and regulatory issues as well as on large-scale adoptions of UAV technology.

Technology and operations

Consulting on integrating UAVs into operations in specific industries.

New advancements in aerial photography and image processing with UAV technology

Image collection and processing with UAVs

Image collection and processing

  • Designing tasks for drones
  • Operating drones
  • Processing and integrating data
  • Conducting video data analysis

3D digital terrain mapping

  • Accurate aerial photographic data
  • Data transfer to clients
  • Deliverables with survey and mapping data

Successful management of image-based projects depend on four key technical factors:


  • Delivery terms for products
  • Technical features of different drones (type of drone, sensors, flight altitudes)
  • Permitted use

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Drone operation

  • Planned flights over objects
  • Collection of video data reflecting the current state of vegetation cover

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Processing, aggregating and analyzing data

Data processing

  • Creation of products, such as 3D-models and orthophotoplans.

Data aggregation

  • Integration of drone data with other datasets.

Video Analysis

  • Analyzing data (for example, vegetation indices) to achieve project objectives.


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Presentation of results

  • Data presentation using PwC Geospatial.App.
  • Detailed and informative analytical reports.
  • Data management and organization of archives.

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To become digital leaders, companies need to solve a number of challenges

Energy companies face the following four challenges:

  • Digital collection processes are not uniform, i.e. different projects and facilities may generate incompatible data sets 
  • Data from different sources is not integrated, leading to recollection of the same data or decision making based on inaccurate or outdated data
  • Potential synergies with technologies already in place are not always understood before testing and adopting new technologies. Before new solutions and methods can be launched, their place in the overall IT infrastructure of the company should be understood and a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted 
  • When introducing new technology, including smart accounting systems, drones or augmented/virtual reality, a structured and practical approach to improving business processes should be followed. Decisions to adopt a new technology should be made on the basis of initial tests and analysis of the potential benefits.

In addition to improving business performance, UAVs may also be an impetus for further digitalisation. 


Operations in the electric utilities sector are typically managed with the following methods:

  • Manual: paper documents and reports
  • Partially automated: software analyses data in paper or electronic form or with special applications (sending images, entering data directly into spreadsheets)
  • Fully automated: machine learning algorithms help analyse raw data and present the results with special software


UAVs can help with project management in both the semi-automated and fully automated modes.

Data collected by drones are naturally in digital format (images, maps, quantitative KPIs) and, as such, can help to push along digitalisation.

Using drones to optimise work on a construction site would, of course, be another example of digitalisation.


What can Drone Powered Solutions do for you?

What can Drone Powered Solutions do for you?

Together with your team, our specialists will conduct an assessment to identify your challenges as well as opportunities to adopt our solutions. The Drone Powered Solutions team will prepare a special action plan, starting from strategy design all the way to implementation.

Achieve your objectives in unexpected ways

Together with management, we will examine your company’s current and long-term needs and objectives. We will identify existing challenges, concerns and potential risks and offer unique solutions to address them.

Innovate to meet your data needs

We will develop an understanding of the types of data you currently collect and provide advice on how you could optimise data collection, including suggestions on what additional data you could collect.

Unlock the full potential of your data

We will outline the main benefits your company will enjoy from adopting our high-performance data analysis tools and systems. Together, we will determine which data you could use more effectively to achieve your objectives.

Solutions with unparalleled results

We will work with you to develop an action plan describing how your organisation can move forward with our solutions and indicating potential integration points and opportunities to improve business processes. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise, we are able to support the implementation of new solutions as well as provide insights on how to enhance your existing processes.

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