In today’s unstable market, the challenges that companies face require fast and error-free solutions. Whether you are acquiring or selling a company (in whole or in part), negotiating with potential partners, designing your strategy by analysing your operational performance, restructuring your business, searching for financing opportunities for infrastructure and investment costs, analysing your business value or that of tangible and intangible assets and financial instruments, our deals practice can help. We support our clients at all stages of their transaction, help to make the right decisions, reduce risks and save time.

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Our global network of deals professionals will help you at any stage of your transaction with due attention to the nature of your business. For more than 10 years, we have immersed ourselves industry and developed solutions with sector specialists and experts from around the world.

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Every day, we create, originate, and execute deals, and help our clients to get the most out of their deals.

If you are looking for faster growth, stronger capabilities and a competitive edge, or you are in need of a dramatic transformation, come and talk to us. We bring a truly connected global network of industry experienced deal advisors to the table, coupled with data-driven insights that help to support more confident decisions.

No matter what business stage you are at, our focus on value will help you succeed throughout the lifecycle of your deal.

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Farid Ilishkin

Partner, Deals and Valuations Leader, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6000 ext. 6061


Oleg Malyshev

Partner, Entertainment and Media and Real Estate Leader, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6138


Olga Maydanik

Director, Corporate Finance, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6044


Vadim Khrapoun

Partner, Business Restructuring Services, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 223 5100


Lev Vilyaev

Partner, Financial, Commercial and Operational Due Diligence, Deals, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 232 5536


Alexander Ordinartsev

Partner, Financial Due Diligence, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6000


Mikhail Bazhenov

Partner, Infrastructure and Project Finance Leader, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6000


Elena Ershova

Director, Mergers and Acquisitions, PwC Russia

+7 (495) 967 6058




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Farid Ilishkin

Farid Ilishkin

Partner, Deals and Valuations Leader, PwC Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 967 6000 ext. 6061

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