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PwC services in corporate data governance and XBRL implementation

Data is a basis for developing timely and relevant management decisions. Being able to obtain comparable consistent data of high quality and generate reports quickly is crucial in today’s business world. 

In Russian and global markets, more and more companies are automating their management, financial and compliance reporting, as well as streamlining areas related to the internal processes and approaches including adoption of the latest standards and information exchange (e.g. XBRL).

Companies face a number of challenges during the automation of their reporting, including:

  • Balancing and accounting for all the needs of a large number of data users with contradicting data requirements;
  • Development and maintenance of the corporate data model;
  • Navigation through fragmented methodological and technical documentation;
  • Dealing with various formats for data collection and duplicate data flows;
  • Data and interface integration across multiple IT systems;      
  • Data consolidation from various segments (methodological and technological).


Our team in Russia brings together over 20 professionals who have deep expertise in designing corporate data models, taxonomies and processes, as well as in reporting automation, XBRL, IT solutions and change management.

The majority of our team members hold XBRL International certificates. Our team is supported by the PwC global network, including experts from China, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Below is an examplary list of our services. We are always ready to help you find solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Using advanced tools for management and financial reporting

  • identifying user needs and designing the requirements for reporting data with an eye toward how the data will be analysed;
  • diagnosing current business processes related to generating, collecting, storing, consolidating and analysing reporting data in order to identify opportunities for streamlining;
  • designing a system of reporting indicators to improve the quality and speed of management and financial reporting;
  • developing (streamlining/improving) a shared corporate data model, including the use of XBRL;
  • developing formatting and logical controls for data quality in reporting data;
  • developing target architecture for the collection of reporting information, including the requirements for IT systems and the corporate data warehouse in a shared data model;
  • assisting in the selection of IT contractors and follow-up quality control of the work delivered by the contractors;
  • developing department interaction frameworks and instructions, including data administration and group financial reporting, as well as data collection, consolidation and analysis;
  • linking data points stored in current IT systems with the target system in a shared data model;
  • managing projects on implementing the above systems.

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Data consolidation services for groups/holdings

  • developing methodology and target processes for the automated consolidation of reporting data, including description and development of algorithms and adjustments required for correct report generation;
  • developing group reporting forms in accordance with the type of reporting, the nature of the group’s business and reporting period;
  • developing interaction frameworks and instructions for companies of the group;
  • standardising methodology for data management;
  • designing requirements for IT reporting data consolidation systems dealing with various data sources.

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XBRL services

The Bank of Russia has successfully adopted XBRL as the standard reporting format for insurance companies, non-state pension funds and a wide range of professional securities market participants for financial and regulatory reporting.

Our team has accumulated vast XBRL expertise, including:

  • reporting in XBRL;
  • diagnosing reporting process bottlenecks;
  • providing assistance in interpreting the Bank of Russia’s XBRL taxonomy;
  • consulting on regulatory XBRL requirements;
  • providing assistance on XBRL reporting automation, including analysing data completeness and mapping the current system of data points to the Bank of Russia’s XBRL taxonomy;
  • analysing current IT data systems for XBRL integration options;
  • designing the target architecture for gathering, processing and analysing data, including requirements for IT systems and corporate data warehouses basis in XBRL;
  • formalising recommendations on IT systems development to facilitate the automated preparation of financial and regulatory reporting in XBRL format;
  • formalising internal frameworks and instructions for interaction between business units in regard to XBRL reporting;
  • developing additional XBRL analytical concepts and business rules for management accounting purposes;
  • assisting in selection of XBRL software;
  • supporting projects and monitoring the quality of XBRL implementation in testing XBRL IT solutions.

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Related services

  1. Consulting on enhancing the efficiency of management reporting;
  2. IT services:
  • Performing IT diagnostics and assessments / IT audits;
  • Developing IT strategies;
  • Proposing and designing IT architecture;
  • Improving IT efficiency;
  • Managing IT processes;
  • Managing IT projects and programmes;
  • Performing feasibility studies;
  • Assessing the quality of implementation of IT systems and processes;
  • Managing data;
  • Developing IT strategies;
  • Analysing the design and development of architecture. Developing and auditing the implementation of IT solutions (ERP, EPM, DWH, BI, EAM, BPM);
  • Assisting in software selection.

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