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Why measure the quality of life in cities?

PwC took part in developing the Quality of Life Index in collaboration with VEB.RF. The Index is an informational and analytical framework to benchmark cities across more than 200 indicators. Mikhail Magrilov, Partner, Public Sector and Government Services Leader, PwC Russia, spoke about the project at Vkontakte with Partners studio at the 2021 SPIEF.

The Index draws upon statistics from several OECD indices, including the Better Life Index, Regional Well-Being and Local SDG Index.

“In designing the Quality of Life Index, we took into account a variety objective and subjective factors derived from statistical and survey data. To get an unbiased snapshot of the quality of life in a city, it is important to hear from long-term local residents, different population groups, children and senior citizens. That was the approach we committed to following. The Index is also adjusted for the fact that Russia is a geographically vast country and that it is essential to review indicators from different regions, as people’s needs may vary significantly. To maintain the practical value of the Index, it should be regularly updated to Russian citizens’ changing needs. It should pass the reality check, and statistics should be updated on a regular basis with newer data.”—Laurent Probst, Partner, Economic Development & Innovation Leader, PwC Luxembourg

“In analysing the indicators, we faced certain challenges, from fragmented and inconsistent data to the lack of certain technical tools to process it. We believe that our calculations will not only have a positive impact on the informational and analytical system we built for the Index, but will also help advance data collection systems and provide momentum to adoption of a single methodology to calculate indicators around the quality of life in urban areas. This will also help to foster a culture of data collection, analysis and processing.”—Mikhail Magrilov, Partner, Public Sector and Government Services Leader, PwC Russia.

Igor Lotakov SPIEF 2021
Igor Lotakov SPIEF 2021
Igor Lotakov SPIEF 2021

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